Friday, December 26, 2003


It's difficult to think clearly when you're hungry.

The year is almost over. Usually around this time, the media goes hog wild with "Year in Review" things. I'd attempt to do the same, but for the most part 2003 was just not worth revisiting. Not that it was bad, but sometimes once is enough. '03 was one of those years.

But '04 is gonna kick ass. Or arse. Take your pick.

Man, I am lazy.

The ticker for the news stated that an earthquake in Bam, Iran had killed a bunch of people. I like that city's name. Bam! Also, the ticker stated that the earthquake had a mangitude of 6.5.

I would have corrected the typo at work (I've done it before) but sadly, the misspelling was sent to us from the national source and therefore I couldn't change it. But that's okay because "mangitude" is funny.

I'm hungry. Guess I better go buy some food so we can survive to the end of the year, huh?

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