Thursday, December 11, 2003


I've decided that I'm going to type up the entry, and then see what I should title it, based on the content. We'll see how that goes.

My feet are freezing. I've found that rubbing them on the carpet works.

I think that my email may be broken. I keep not getting things sent to me. Hmm.

Lunch tomorrow with my dad. It'll be weird to have him not be in the state anymore. I mean, he said that he'd be able to drive up for weekends and whatnot, but ...I don't know. Still strange.

I was thinking on the way home how incredible the internet is. I type a message, click a button, and instantly (instantly!!) someone on the other side of the world can read it. That's cool.

I read a book a while back that was by turns depressing and fascinating (I think it was my mind-set that added to the depressingness of the novel, though). It was called The Pixel Eye, and it was set about 10 years from now, in New York City. A private detective (er...D'Amato? I think that was his name) was investigating the disappearance of squirrels. (hee!) I won't go into all the details of it, but there were some pretty interesting ideas brought forth in there about brains. (Human and nonhumans)
Apparently, though, the D'Amato guy has been in several other books, so I may have to check those out.

I saw a trailer the other day for Big Fish, which looks pretty darn cool. Probably wait for rental, though.

I'm hungry.

It was all rainy today, so I was late to work. It's funny how Las Vegans really don't react well to changes in the weather.

Oh! As for the moving to Eugene - why we picked that particular city - well, there really isn't a reason. We chose Oregon because it's pretty, and there are lots of types up there, and it seems to be more or less affordable. And Eugene looked good from the Oregon cities we browsed through. Not too populous. Not too small. Relatively close to the ocean, and the mountains, and Portland.

Plus, we'd be able to call ourselves "Eugenics". [grin]

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