Sunday, December 21, 2003

I don't know where the sunbeams end and the starlight begins.

It's all a mystery.

It took a while, but I finally (finally!) got into the Xmas spirit ...more or less.

We went driving around to look at Xmas lights. Harper fell asleep.

Also today, Steph wrapped the presents for the girls and placed them under the tree, while I took them to the park. It looks "paltry", but at least there's something under there now. Saren and Harper have spent a lot of today ...investigating the gifts. Heh. Some things, I think, are just ingrained into human brains. Trying to figure out Xmas packages is one of them.

Another thing that helped me get out of my Grinchy attitude is the Little Steven Underground Garage, which is running it's Xmas episode this week. My favorite song so far has to be the one that was by the Butties. It was Joy to the World, but it was sung (more or less) to the tune of a Beatles song. You'd have to hear it to appreciate it, but it was quite neat. There've been other great songs on the show tonight to, but that one resonated strongest for whatever reason.

Tonight we were going to pick up a pizza from Papa John's, but they closed their lobby at 8pm. (It was 8:30 when I drove down there) Eight PM?? What the hell? What are they, like 70 years old?

I think Harper may be drunk right now.

A very important question that I must determine the answer for - do zombies sleep?
One would think that they wouldn't really need to. You know, being dead and all. Hey. Maybe that's why they're so sluggish. They're really just dead tired. Any thoughts on the matter will be greatly appreciated.

Um. What else?

Couplet was on TV tonight. I watched part of it, despite Steph's complaints. ("We don't watch Angel over again!!") It didn't make any more sense this time around, either. And it made me miss both Connor and Groo. (Man, they dropped him like a cold potato. Or like they dropped Lilah's mother's storyline. [sigh])

It's nearing the end of the day, and my wife needs to blog, so that'll do it.

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