Thursday, December 04, 2003

Na na na na-na-na-naaa!

That's the refrain (or something) from the Beatles' Hey Jude, which, I, of course, always sing as "Hey Jupe". Because Amy is kick ass.

I spoke to her briefly today! She's got this Amy voice that is very ... I don't know. Amyish. (Heh. That almost looks like "Amish". Which, yeah, I guess Jupe's voice is kinda Amish. You know.)

The radio was all Jupe-y today on the way into work, too. They played Revolution ("Don'tchya know it's gonna be ...all right?") and that Led Zep song ("I don't know what I've been told.") and the Rolling Stones' Shattered. And then another station played Hey Jupe. It was the best 'on-the-way-in-to-work' radio I've heard in ages. [up]

Despite all that, though, I was in a pretty crap mood today. I don't know why, exactly. Maybe because of the planets being all aligned freaky. (Um. No.)
Maybe because of my menstrual cramps. (Um...No.)
Maybe because we're out of money, and I have to work and never get to see my kids, and I hate the cold, but don't want to live in Las Vegas for the rest of my life, but don't want to move anywhere else either and the fact that you're pretty much forced to play the stupid game if you want to have anything resembling health in your life....and a lot of other monotonous crap I won't bother to go into right now either. (Partly due to time. Partly due to not wanting to type it up. Partly because I know nobody wants to read it.)

I heard Mother Culture alive and well tonight at work. Two coworkers were discussing the fact that President Shrub wants to repump up the Space Program, and go back to the moon. (I'm all for sending him to the moon... [grin])
Anywhat, they were talking about space exploration in general, and it was a little disheartening to hear stuff that I disagree with so much.
Of course, I just sat there and didn't say anything. (They weren't talking to me, and I didn't want to just butt into the conversation. Also, I doubt I would've brought up any of my opinions even if I had been included. Just the way I am.)


In other news, last night at about 1:45am we got a phone call. The answering machine answered (we were in bed, but I wasn't asleep) and the message left was simply a series of beeps. Odd.

This morning, around 9:30, I got another call from Sears about "my Sears account", despite the fact that I don't FUCKING OWN A SINGLE CREDIT CARD!! AND!!!! The fact that I've told them this before. They have the wrong person, and I believed that we'd settled this previously, but I guess I was wrong about that, too.

Maybe that is the real reason behind my irritability today. I don't know. All I do know is that its a fool who plays it cool by making his world a little colder.

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