Wednesday, December 17, 2003

What's a meta for?

I amuse myself to no end. Good thing, too, because the world really does lack funny.

So this was going to be a metapost. You know, all about itself. Or the act of blogging. And comment leaving and whatnot. I guess it still is, sorta. [shrug] Metaness is mysterious.

I've been thinking of changing my template. I like the test P@tern, but I think I may want something different. Ya know? I'm unsure of what, though. I have some ideas, but we'll see if any of them scream out "Change me to this!" Stay tuned.

Before blogging, I visited a complete stranger's blog (it was and scrolled through the guy's posts from the past week or so, and was kinda sad that he had no comments. Comments are always a good thing. Except when they're not. But usually they're very good. Reaffirming. Or somesuch.

The bad thing (on my part) is that I don't leave enough comments on other people's blogs. Half the time I dont' because I simply don't have anything to say. The other half is because I feel like whatever I would say would be trite and stupid. I should just get over that irrationality and leave the comments. People like comments, even if they are mindless. Right?

I was going to issue a challenge here - find a stranger's blog (the main blogger page has the most recently updated ones, for example) and leave a comment on their latest entry. But, then, I haven't even partaken (partook?) in said challenge, so how can I issue it?

I'm hungry.

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