Monday, December 29, 2003

This totally counts as yesterday's entry. Midnight and the rules of be damned!

I didn't skip a day. I missed one. And I have a darn good excuse. It's because I'm a fine upstanding young man (I think that'll do...)

On the way home from work tonight, I witnessed a car accident. I had to give my statement to the police. Thus the lateness of the posting.

That's the short story. Detail time!

We dont' have to go back this far, but I want to blog about this because it's interesting, and if the accident hadn't taken place, it would have been my sole focus of today's writing.

At 11pm, my relief came into the station and asked if I knew Jason Simpson, or why his stuff was sitting in the parking lot. I did not know Jason Simpson, or why his stuff was in our parking lot. I also did not know what he was talking about. So he explained that apparently Jason Simpson (who, it turns out, does work with us. He's a salespig. Which explains why I have never met him.) Apparently Jason Simpson pissed someone off. And this person decided to get revenge by leaving Jason's stuff in the parking lot of work.

Sure enough, in the parking lot was a desk, a dog house, a box of clothes, and quite a few other things. On the desk, in large block letters in white paint was stencilled the words:


Atop the desk was a large cardboard placard that read:

"Rent owed by ex-roommate: $450"
"Carpet cleaning due to ex-roommate's failure to house-train puppy: $750"
"Delivery of ex-roommate's belongings: $45"
"Pulling the knife out of my back: Priceless"

Apparently revenge is a dish best served cold. And in a parking lot.

So, yeah. That was what I left work with. It was amusing, but only because it wasn't happening to me.

After that, I proceed to drive home like normal. Except that a teenager who was originally behind me (he whipped around me because I was driving too slow) swerved, jumped a median into oncoming traffic, and smacked head-on into another vehicle. I slowed, said, "Holy shit." and then stopped at the upcoming light. I debated whether to keep driving home, or to turn back.

I turned around, pulled into a nearby parking lot, and jogged over to the scene of the accident. I asked if everyone was okay. (They were)
Once the police showed up, I told them what I had witnessed. They took my name and phone number, and thanked me for sticking around. See? I'm a model citizen. Pfft.

It was rather cold outside. I should have waited in my car. I'm leaving out a lot of details, (like the thought I had when I saw the accident: "Was that deliberate??" - probably due to the fact of revenge I had witnessed at work moments before) but it's late, and all of us have headaches.

At least I have tomorrow off work. Thank something for small miracles.

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