Tuesday, December 09, 2003


While driving around the other day, our car's engine began to overheat. I believe we have a leak in the radiator (proof of this is found by looking at the puddle that is in our garage where the car sits for the majority of the time).

Anywhat, I filled it with water a few days back, but then today I was driving around and again, the engine's temperature began to rise dangerously into the red zone. I knew that to continue driving would be hazardous, so I found a gas station to pull into so that I could put more water into the radiator, and allow it to cool down.

I drove to the water hose that the gas station had, and parked the car. I pulled the hood tab, so that the hood would be openable once I got out. I then walked over to the hood and lifted. The hood, though, rose out of my control and my thumb got smacked while it was flying up. It hurt, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. Instead, I focused on the radiator. I could hear the water (what little remained) inside was boiling. I should have waited, but instead, I twisted off the cap (you know, the one that says, "Never remove when engine is hot."). Big mistake.

Instantly, water (that should have been extremely hot, but oddly, was merely lukewarm) splashed all over my clothes and, much more alarming, my throat - right along my jugular. Shocked, but realizing that I hadn't been burned as badly as I had feared, I got the water hose, and sprayed the radiator, the engine, and all the components therein, letting them cool down. I then filled the radiator with more water, and prepared to continue driving.

When I got back in the car, I looked in the mirror and saw that the water had indeed given me a pretty gnarly looking burn scar down my throat. Not only that, but the hood had broken my thumb. The joint had broken cleanly off, so that my thumb was now in two pieces, but still whole (the skin was still surrounding the free-floating piece...which, even more strangely, I could still move). Yeah. You think you're freaked out reading about - it was even grosser actually seeing it.

Anywhat, there was some other part of my dream that involved a brat of a child that I was babysitting...and he could travel to other worlds...but that part is much more vague. The radiator/thumb/hot water scar dream was way more vivid.

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