Monday, December 01, 2003

"My life is only half a melon."

It's nearly one pm, we have so much to do. We haven't even eaten breakfast. Well, no, we ate. But it was donuts. (Two TV quotes: "Mmmm. Donuts." and "Whoa. Had too many jelly donuts.")

We still need to go back to Home Despot in order to return the tube we bought yesterday...because, see, the garbage disposal got all broke, so we attempted to fix it by removing the junk from it, which wound up breaking the plastic tube underneath. So we went to Home Despot and bought a replacement tube. Turns out that the tube we bought is like 3 millimeters too big. Doh.

We also need to purchase an Xmas tree, if we're gonna do that. (Otherwise we'll have to wait til the 15th, and who wants to have a tree up only 10 days? Nazis. That's who.)

In addition, Saren is going to a Harry Potter thing at the library today at 4pm. So much time, so little to do.

Scratch that, reverse it.

Also, I need to make and send out the final PMQ.

At least I've blogged today. Hey. I said that I'd blog daily. I never said they'd be worthwhile entries.

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