Saturday, February 26, 2005

z i'm sleeping zzzzzz

Title provided by my first-born.

I wish I could remember my dreams from last night better. I do know that they were interesting. The part I do recall: Me and five or six dream people were flying in an airplane over a city. The pilot was flying really low - skimming over telephone wires and the roofs of houses low - and it was somewhat intense on whether we'd survive or not.

While that was going on, there were five or six helicopters circling above us. The pilots of the copters were announcing over bullhorns that they were with the FAA, and we were in violation of some blahblahlaw. (Hee!) Half of the people in the plane were trying to convince the pilot to land, so we could surrender to the authorities. The other half of us were rooting the pilot on.


In other news, Saren has been super interested in blogging lately. She's constantly watching over my shoulder, and is wanting to make entires herself. She also asked me today when we'd do another Ape10. Yay! She's into it again! Which means that a new episode - or, rather, the unfinished, much long forgotten about episode The Boy Who Cried LION - will be posted soonish. [up]

It was a nice (read: no rain, and a high of about 60) day outside today, so I figured I'd mow the lawn. The lawnmower, however, had other plans. I guess when we have money again, we'll have to purchase a new mower. One that doesn't cause physical injury to folks trying to start it. (Don't worry, I still have all ten fingers. I simply scraped some skin off my index finger of my right hand while trying to get the engine started.)

Orpheus (sp?) was on today. We watched part of it and Steph commented, "This such a lame show." I'm inclined to agree. That was a pretty weak (one might say "indecent") episode. Poor Season 4.

We watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail last night. Comedy comedy! [/haven't used that line in ages] Saren said that the ending was "crazy". Also - anytime anyone says that "violence is never funny" needs to watch Sir Lancelot's scene at the wedding.

Next up is either Bend it Like Beckham or Monty Python's Life of Brian.

Tomorrow the Academy Awards are on. Yawn! Seriously, this is like the first Oscar show in 10 years that I have no interest in seeing. Well, no, that's not entirely true. My interest is piqued in regard to Chris Rock. But I really could not care any less when it comes to the nominees for anything. Honestly, I can't even name all five nominees for Best Picture. The jury is still out on if we'll watch it still or not.

Speaking of the Oscars, I heard someone say that it has never rained (in California) during the Oscars. Is that true? I should Snopes/Google it up. People say all kinds of things that aren't true. Stupid not truth sayers. The problem is that they sound true. Like, "Every president ever elected has been the first born". Sounds true! But it's not.

Our imaginary savings from Smith's has now reached a whopping $114.22. Woohoo! And my word total for this week (not including this post) is 2,156 words. Woohoo! And now I'm going to finish typing this and add some more. Woohoo!

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Amy said...

This is so many words!

I haven't been remembering of my dreams lately. It's weird, since I'm usually pretty on top of that. I know this morning I was half asleep and needed to get up, but wanted to extend my sleeping time, so I slept for an extra half an hour, and my brain just started throwing random words and images together, like: "Random turnip pancake cataract ocean mongrel soup spoon late fine snow engine"

Or, something.

HOORAY FOR APE10! I've been wondering when the producers of that show were going to get their act together. I mean, it's been so long!