Friday, February 04, 2005


I've had a lot of nicknames over the years. I wonder if certain people exude "nickname germs" or something, that make people want to call them by names other than their given

Anywhat, an incomplete list of some of the nicknames I've had:


Patcasso (due to my drawing ability...or perhaps lack thereof)

Comrade Patricknick (um...because I'm a communist?)

Thin Man

CAAT (stood for Crazy At All Times)


Incompetent Bastard (well, I am)

Doogie Howser


Pico Sauce

College Boy

Awesome Guy, Awesome Guide, Awesome Dad

and of course, P@.

I don't mind any of these - well, maybe Incompetent Bastard - but it is strange that I've been given so many different nicknames.


Min said...

I haven't had many nicknames. My first nickname that I can recall having is Mim. With an "M" at the end. My mom always called me by my maiden name: Miss H_____. In fact, she and her husband still call me that. Later, I became Min. Sometimes I feel like "Mindi" is my nickname online since more people use Min.

I've had names from boyfriends/husbands: Honey, Babe, Lady, Lover. I don't know if those count as nicknames though.

Lucas said...

You missed one. What about P@Man? That counts, right?

I've been Luc, Loki, Pook, Bitch, Sweetie, Honey and various derivatives thereof.

Blofelds Cat said...
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Amy said...

Man. I keep thinking that I must have called you nicknames that are not on this list. I suppose "just a freak" doesn't count. That's more an epithet. And "P@fro" doesn't count, because that is (or WAS) just your hair.

Man. Even your hair has nicknames.

Amanda said...

I've only had one: Mandy. My parents started that, because that was the whole point of naming me Amanda.

People don't call me that anymore, except for my kindgergarten teacher.

Jess said...

I have a thing for making up nicknames that stick. Flon, mUrt, Mr. Eaf. . . the list goes on. I've never nicknamed you, though. Perhaps you already have too many?

Simon said...

I wouldn't have liked to be called Incompetent Bastard, either. Yeesh!