Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Robot Soldiers Will Fight For Us

Well, that's good news!

But the question remains - fight whom? Fight whom? I can only hope that it's something as equally cool as Robot Soldiers. Like Robot Terrorists. Or Space Pirate Monkey Shrimp....Dogs. Or something. Ehh. I guess it doesn't really matter. Robot Soldiers fighting anything would be dramatic and watchable, I suppose.

Speaking of AOL Headline News, the Will Flu Shots Save Your Life? pic looks a lot like Locke. I don't think it's him, but there is a resemblance.

Speaking of Lost, it's spoiler time!

[Begin spoiler for -Outlaws, even though I thought the episode should've been called I Never or Boared Now. And, yeah, this will only be of interest to maybe four people who actually watch the show, but that's part of the allure of being elitist highlight to view]
Heeeeeeeee! The boar hates Sawyer!! Man, I hope that boar becomes a regular. Anyone that makes Sawyer's life miserable deserves to stick around.
It's interesting that Sawyer is like the Spike of this show. Let's hope when the time comes, the writers do the right thing, and actually kill him off. (Don't get me wrong, I don't have a Sawyer-hate thing going on. I hope that when the time comes, the writers will kill any character off. Um...except for Locke. Or Hurley. Because those two make the show. Especially Locke.)

So, anywhat, this was written by Drew Goddard, who was, like, some great writer for Buffy or something? To his credit, I wasn't sure what way Sawyer's storyline was going to go until the end, and call me short-sighted, but I honestly didn't see the twist coming.

But the Sawyer backstory wasn't the best part of this episode. The best part was the island-action. Locke's story was awesome. And then his As the Steph said in awe after he finished, "Man, Locke is mysterious."

ALso! They mentioned Fate like a gabillion times. I'm fairly certain I heard Amy squeal everytime they did. (Amy has a theory that the show is all about fate.)

Also also - I've been proven wrong. I said to Steph earlier this week, "It's funny how everyone calls Locke 'Locke', except for Dr. Jack, who calls him 'John'."
So, now it's everyone calls him 'Locke' except for Dr. Jack and Criminal Kate. I don't know what it means, but it must mean something.

Lastly - the interaction between the islanders pre-crash is growing. Thus far it's all involved Sawyer, though. Hmmmmm.
[end spoiler]

I know I had something to talk about other than this week's episode of Lost. But what was it?

I watched Icebreaker at work today, and thought of bettie while doing so. (I bet she can tell me why! [wink])


In conclusion, Conclusion.


Annika said...

I sure can! Just let me look it up and find out what the hell it is.


I get it.

Amy said...

Your blog really wants to reject my comments. But I won anyway! Can the robot soldiers fight pop-up comments? I don't know what they'd do, but I'm sure it'd be cool.

And dude, those mentions were fated. [winkmonkey]

Amanda said...

I watch it, I watch it!

But not lately. I'm in that phase where I tape all my shows and watch them later, sometimes weeks later. I'm...a week and a half behind. Which means two episodes of Lost behind. So I can't read your spoiler and comment.

This was an awfully long comment for not being able to comment on what you said.