Saturday, February 05, 2005

"There's only one bitch here, and I'm looking at him."

If ...doh. I lost what I was going to say.

We got our car back today. Yay! Steph's dad is Mr. Fixit, and it's super great that he does so much for us. Now we must remember to make sure we don't run it back into the ground. Oil changes every three thousand miles from here on out.

To celebrate the return of having a vehicle, we bought pizza for dinner. And I got to visit the brand new Washington Mutual bank around the corner. (It's finally open!) It was kinda spooky to go in there and have the ATM buttons be completely new and not worn down at all. It had that New Bank Smell and everything.

While I was buying Pepsi to go along with the pizza, there was a young man attempting to purchase cigarettes. He didn't have ID, so the cashier refused. He insisted that he was 18, but he had simply forgotten his drivers license at home. But Apu (I shall from here on out refer to all 7-11 employees as Apu, regardless of age, sex, or ethnicity. I just started this now, but I like it) was stubborn and stood her ground. She said that they couldn't take the chance and end up with a big fine.

Heh. And now - right now - there is a PhillipMorris commercial on the TV, talking about how Phillip Morris is a wonderful company that does it's part to keep cigarettes away from children. Yup. Everything short of stopping making them.

But, really, why should they try to keep children away from cigarettes? Everyone knows that cigarettes kill you. Why is it unacceptable for children to commit suicide, but okay once you turn 18 (or younger in certain states)? The tobacco companies could bring in a bunch of money if they allowed minors to purchase their product too. Young people have a lot of disposable income, supposedly.

Besides, smoking is cool.

Eh, whatever.

Reminder to myself: Look up what J.K. Rowling has planned for after Harry Potter. It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, she produces once that series is complete.

I have a killer headache. I suppose I ought to consume some aspirin.

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Amy said...

But Pat, you're not thinking corporately! If Phillip Morris stopped selling cigarettes, then they wouldn't have any money to spend on their anti-smoking campaign!

However, I agree. If children still want to smoke, they should be allowed to. Because those children are stupid bitches, and I want them out of the gene pool as soon as possible.

Also. "Celebrating" does not parse with "Pepsi." [genesimmonsmonkey]

Simon said...

Apu! Hee!

Yay for return of car. Yes!

Min said...

Of course the answer is that children can't make rational decisions! A 17-year old is a complete idiot, whereas an 18-year old is a mature adult. Well, mature enough to vote, smoke, and die in a war. Not mature enough to drink a beer.

Keep it straight, buddy! ;-)

(I hope my teasing voice came across here. Read it again with a teasing voice if it didn't.)

Amanda said...

If I were J.K. Rowling, after I'd finished, I'd sit back and let the royalties roll in and never write anything ever again.