Thursday, February 03, 2005

Dreams, etc.

That would be a cool name for a store. In a movie.

The past ...I don't know how long, I've had difficulty remembering my dreams. I think part of it was due to having my sleep pattern tinkered with.

But last night I made up for it. I had an abundance of dreams during my last sleep. I feel like giving partial credit to Irina. She has powers, dude. Powers.

So, some of my dreams from last night:

I was driving our car through the city, smashing into signs and small trees and other cars, and basically being a complete menace to the streets. (ala Simpsons Hit and Run, which is weird, since I've not played it in at least a week) At the point where I could no longer drive the car due to damage, it switched on me so that I was standing amongst a crowd looking at the carnage I had caused. Stephanie showed up and asked me what had happened to the car. I didn't get to answer her because a clipboard got passed to me at that moment. Someone was collecting signatures. I signed my name, but I have no idea what for.

A quick segment of The Simpsons played out in one of my other dreams. (I will often have dreams that "play" like I'm watching television or a movie. And generally they involve fictional characters. My subconscious: Another victim of pop culture.) Bart was standing near a grate, holding a cigarette that he was going to smoke. A Troy McClure type person (but not Troy McClure) approached him, telling him how smoking was a really bad thing to do. Bart dropped the cigarette into the grate, but the adult continued to admonish him, informing him that his dog had smoked for years, and now he was going to die of lung cancer. Bart was horrified, and approached the man's dog. He asked the canine, "Are you really going to die from smoking?" and the dog tried to bark, but instead coughed.

Some work dream, where I went back to Master Control and had no idea how to operate anything in there. The station went to black for fifteen minutes while I frantically tried to figure out the buttons and how to get things back to normal.

I remember dreaming about shopping for ice cream with Stephanie.

Darn. I know I had a few other dreams, but, like they all do, they've faded. Ah well.

I wonder what Irina is dreaming of.

In nondream news, I rebeat the Shadow Queen today. Because I could. Bang pow!

no, that was all.


Amy said...

Wizard powers!!!!

Blofelds Cat said...
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Blofelds Cat said...
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Simon said...

I like your dreams. I remember one I had like your Simpsons Hit And Run dream. That was pretty cool.