Monday, February 07, 2005

We can be happy underground

As far as the government is concerned, Irina doesn't officially exist! That's okay, though, because as far as Irina is concerned, the government doesn't officially exist either. Unless the government reads my blog - I believe the appropriate icons are [shifty] and [eyebrow] - they have no official documentation of her birth. Ha!

Of course, we will get her all set up on "the grid" in a bit.

Won't we?

No, we will.

Unless we don't.

But don't worry, we will. She'll have a (useless except for government and corporation tracking purposes - and identity theft!) Social Security Number.



Amy said...

"the grid"? [/doesn't understand your hippy lingo]

I have a social security number! It's useful for forms and things. I just wrote it on a form mere minutes ago!

Jess said...

SSNs are totally useful if you want to become an identity thief! Well, other people's SSNs are useful.

P@ said...

Duly noted! Thanks, Jess. =)

Blofelds Cat said...
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Annika said...

OMG! Child abuse!

Or is it government abuse?

Simon said...

As long as there's a five in it, I'll be happy.