Monday, February 14, 2005


As I was filling up the bathtub for the girls, I was thinking about my last entry, and in particular, the fingerprint and evolution aspects.

Since my thoughts still aren't fully formed - or at least not in a way that flows naturally - I'll simply do a transfer of my thoughts from grey matter to white screen.

In the green, when people can genetically engineer their children, I bet someone creates a child that has no fingerprints.

Hey, that would be a good idea if you were to genetically engineer a child to grow up to be a criminal. Oooh. I wonder what other traits you would give to an in utero person that you wanted to grow up to become an antilaw person. There's a story idea there. Or at least a character idea. I should blog this.

I also had a tangent thought that some goody-two shoes (but how good are they, really, if they're genetically engineering a human being?) would 'build' a perfect police officer child, you know, to counter the perfect thief. And then, in the story, they'd do the whole chase each other thing that is the cornerstone of Hollywood movies. And, maybe they'd fall in love. Ahh.

In other news, I've blogged over 500 words today, and two different entries. If I can maintain this pace for the remainder of the year (ha!!), I'll achieve my goal!


Jess said...

You know how children always (just go with me here) rebel against their parents? Well, wouldn't it be good for, you know, dramatic irony and stuff, if the engineered criminal used all his/her engineered criminal traits to end up being the best cop in the world (but maybe a somewhat amoral cop like Jack Bauer in 24) and vice versa?

Amy said...

After I read the third paragraph, but before I read the fourth, I thought: "Yeah, that's like the future equivalent of naming your child 'Skeet'."

Also, I believe it is now your sacred duty to write this story. Sacred. Duty.

Katy said...

I'm sorry, I didn't get further than the first sentence, which I misread as '...while I was filling up the bath tub with girls'. That mental image had be chuckling.