Friday, February 25, 2005

In descent

So I was at work today and I went to the FCC website. (For work related reasons, actually.) Some of the things that I discovered there were interesting, but I'm on a bit of a time restraint right now, so I'll discuss them at a later date.

But! I saw something that I found particularly noteworthy. So I'm blogging about it. (I also considered posting it at the WD. But I checked, and of course, someone beat me to it.)

It seems that the episode of Angel entitled Destiny recieved some complaints to the FCC for being indecent. The complaints were submitted by someone from the Parents Television Council (the PTC) - which is a group that never ceases to infuriate me. The PTC is, in essence, a Holier Than Thou group that has a lot of free time. Every year they issue a list of the "worst television programs" based on the amount of material in the shows that are "offensive", and what time they are broadcast. Buffy made the list a few years in a row. And I'm sure Angel was on the list, too. Oddly they've never included the Nightly News. Huh.

So, anyway, the PTC took offense to some scenes in Destiny and filed a complaint with the FCC. And today, after reviewing the tapes, the FCC decreed that, nope, that episode of Angel is not indecent.


The full report, in all it's legalise can be found here. (It's a PDF file, so make sure you're all Acrobatic.)

Some thoughts I have from looking over that file:

What is "inter alia"? I suppose I should google it up, but I dont' have time to do it right now.

The episode aired November 19th. The Complaint letter was dated December 4th. Why the delay? If the letter writer was so offended by the content of Angel, wouldn't it make sense that she would write it that day? Or, you know, maybe the next morning. But three weeks later? I suppose maybe it could be argued that she was composing the letter, making sure that it would be perfect, but the FCC itself says: "Filing a complaint with the FCC is easy." ([eyebrow]) so I don't think that she has that as an excuse. No, I think the PTC sat around and watched the scenes multiple times, you know, to make sure that it was offensive.

Sadly, even though the e-document says that the letter is attached, I couldn't find it. I'd be interested in reading the actual wording of the complaint.

Lastly, if you're going to be offended by an episode of Angel, I think that the one to pick is The Girl in Question. Now that was offensive.


Amy said...

inter alia literally translate is "among others" or, "among other things."

December 4th is my birthday, and November 19th is the day I was due to be born (it's also my sister's birthday). So that particular delay is completely understandable to me! [/excuse to talk about myself]

Which one was "Destiny" again?

Annika said...

No, no, no. Everybody gets that one wrong. The Girl In Question is HILARIOUS. If people had known it was a comedy before it aired, everyone would adore it.