Wednesday, February 23, 2005

45% Less Titled

I couldn't come up with a suitable title, because I don't know exactly what to blog about.

Instead, I'll throw them all together. Which means I should've titled this "Potpourri", just like on Jeopardy!. Dude. Has Jeopardy! ever had potpourri as an actual category? That would be confusingly funny.

So, random things I've thought about blogging about:

While looking at one of our photo albums today, I nearly burst into tears. Saren used to be so small. She was tiny!! And now, she's so independent and headstrong. And the time just vanished like smoke. What the fuck, man? 7 and a half years ago, she fit into the cradle of my arms, just as Irina does now. That feels like it was not that long ago at all. Too fast. Too, too fast.

When I think about the amount of money we've spent on fast food in the past week, it makes my brain (and stomach and heart and wallet) hurt.

Two radio thoughts:

1)AM Radio was designed, I believe with the sole purpose of pissing people off. What a complete waste.
2) While driving around today, I switched to NPR and listened to a discussion about alternative fuels. It was kinda refreshing to hear intelligent conversation about the fact that fossil fuels aren't going to last forever! And to know that there are people out there who are trying to get the renewable fuel source bandwagon rolling.

It's been mentioned by many other people before, but Buffy really did have a racist streak to it a mile wide. Granted, it was still an entertaining show and all, but sheesh.

Speaking of show's themes: Star Trek (the original series, and Next Generation...and Voyager, and possibly Enterprise, although I didn't watch that so I can't pass judgement on it) is a very pro-industrial-military complex program. Scary vision of the future indeed.

I wonder if Lost will end up being an anti-civilization based show. Time will tell, I suppose. Meh. I guess if I really watned to, I could find anti-civ messages in just about anything. You know, like Jesus. (It's not always about Jesus!) [although, really, Jesus was pretty anti-civ. I mean, dude, he was a hippie.]

What else? Um. I know I had several other things that were on my mind. Where'd they go?

Hmm. I guess that's all. I know that as soon as I post this (assuming it goes through), I'll remember and/or think of about thirty other things to say. That's the way of the world, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Oh man! You're getting weepy after only 7 1/2 years? Wait until she's NINETEEN! [sigh] My baby will be 15 in April. Most of the time I'm fine with my kids getting bigger and older. I mean, it's not like they really turn 18 and poof! they're not in your life anymore. Trust me, I think we're stuck with Megan forever [wink]. There's a certain freedom that comes as they age. But then there are the times when I wish they could be little again. When I could hold them in my lap and snuggle them. I still snuggle them. I'm lucky, even my teenage boys don't shy away from affection from me. We still hug and give kisses. My boys will even still hold my hand....IN PUBLIC! But the time does fly. And it's sad sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Ooops! That was me right there. Although, I'm sure you could have figured that out from what I said.


P@ said...

Oh, I know, Cindy. I'm totally a wuss when it comes to nostalgia and the passing of time. [wink]