Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Wha huh what?

Very tired. Not really having anything to say.

Imaginary savings are now up to $105.40. We could buy an imaginary GameCube!

There's a wrapper for a Butterfinger near the computer, and I can see that among the ingredients is something called Monoglycerides. I don't know what those are! Also, TBHQ and Citric Acid, which, they tell me in parenthesis, has been added to preserve freshness. There's also Ground Roasted Peanuts. Well, there ya go. Something healthy.

I may do a Television Without Pity style recap of a movie tomorrow. Maybe. It depends on a) how tired I am and b) if I'm feeling up to it. Which, you know, is the same as "a", but ...different.


It's only Tuesday. This week is going by very slowly.

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Amy said...

I don't know what those are!

Well Pat, I'm glad you asked! ("That's not a question.") Because many years ago, I learned about the chemical composition of fats. I've totally forgotten most of it, so this reply will be filled with misinformation!

Anyway, "glycerides" are made up of a carbon chain, with three ... things. And those three ... things can have ... chain things ... attached to them. Or not. Monoglycerides have one ... chain thing ... attached to the chain. Diglycerides have two attached things, and triglycerides have three. That's counting!

Monoglycerides in food are typically used as emulsifiers! This means that they hold oily parts of things and non-oily parts of things together. In this case, probably the oil of the peanuts! Because without it, the oil would be all ... desperately trying to escape the unnatural concoction of the Butterfinger.

This comment is also brought to you by the fact that I was just reading this book about how we eat things that aren't meant to be food. And that's bad.

Goodnight everyone!