Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Time keeps on slippin, slippin', slippin' ...into the future

Well, it does.


Simon said...

Inexorably, inevitably, indubitably, incredibly, indelibly. More "ind-" words. Ly.

Or something.

Blofelds Cat said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Blofelds Cat said...

Patrick old chap,

Gorgeous to hear from you, as always, though I freely confess to be being somewhat at a loss regarding your comments in the entry above, which would appear, from what I'm able to discern, to centre around the one, very singular belief:

"You don't like me."

Now, for the record, I've frankly no idea quite where, or in fact how you have managed to form the belief that my particular presence above all others here constitutes, firstly, any form of breach with regard to Blogger & Pyra's actual terms of service agreement, but more importantly, any form of either disrespect or abuse on my part being directed in anyway against you.

If I have, in any way, shape or form actually done so, please do accept my sincere and totally unconditional apology for this has not been in any way my actual either intent or action in the slightest.

Further, I'm somewhat surprised, given the innocuous nature of any comment as have been published, that any form of either insult or offence could be taken on anyones part - let alone your own...

A recommendation for the use of certain anti-spy-ware programmes when you disclose a problem with such wares as being possibly present on your computer (and where to get them), a mild word of caution concerning the use of aspirin, in this last, a brief philosophical entry on the nature of time, even, in previous, just the simple sentiment of congratulations on your most recent good news - *all* you have spurned quite irrespective of the actual nature and content of what has actually been written.

Naturally, this is your choice. I can neither complain or take issue with the fact that you, for whatever reason, do not wish to read anything at all published by myself.

However. And herein do please take note, because I'm only obliged to inform you of this by law just the once:

"Member further agrees not to transmit any material that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national or international law or regulation."Your post constitutes a clear deformation of another users character, moreover, in alleging as "fact" abuse which has not in anyway actually taken place and ensuring to delete all evidence to the actual contrary, you have undertaken to commit an act of Liable on an open Public Server in so doing, with precious little either thought or concern for the consequences either for yourself OR the company hosting your site.

If I do not find both a removal of the above entry and a full, comprehensive retraction of the statements contained within, as well as an unconditional apology, published by no later than 11.00 am GMT Friday, February 11th 2005 I will have no other recourse other than to pursue the matter through court until such is issued, at both your leisure and expense.
This is neither a joke nor is it a threat. It is merely the time you have in order to comply.

* * * *

Over the course of the last three years you have done precious little other than find new and ever more interesting ways to both insult me, as an individual on a personal level and/ or else smear both my name, character and standing within which ever online arena we have found ourselves to be in.

More often than not it's been a matter of both.

Your palpable dislike of myself I have, genuinely, never understood being as, throughout my entire time as a member of the WD I had never, publicly let alone privately, published so much as a single word in the negative regarding yourself.

I imposed myself upon your person never once in the slightest, argued or took issue with either yourself or anything you had to say never the once - yet your own, regrettably unbeknown to myself at the time antipathy towards me prompted you to ban me for your own ends, perfectly deliberately on my birthday - presumably as some form of message I'd never forget as you know full well - and then, when any possibility of legitimate redress of the matter on my part had been completely removed, you started a campaign of publicly liabling whatever it is you perceive to be me at any public venue you could see fit.

I tried asking what the problem actually was, you refused to reply. I tried goading you into a response, still you'd say nothing at all.

Over the years, you've persisted with it.

Myself, I gave it all up as a bad business years back. Nevertheless, time would go by and someone would mail me a link to some disparaging comment you'd still feel somehow justified in being able to make and, three years later, here you are again *still* at it.

Quite what it is I am supposed to have done to you I genuinely do not have the slightest idea, I really, really do not. I've never been presented with the actual means to understand it.

I know I've never either said or done a thing against you, and you've never once explained quite what it is you so vehemently hold against me the entire time.

I was actually here because, for me, it is all water under the bridge. And that is the full extent of it. Live and let live, bygones-be-bygones and all that.

The WD is a long time in my past. WD and Haven alike. Been through with the entire business for years. Anyone will tell you the same thing.

No insults, no accusations, no agenda and yet you seem to resent that simple fact, despite everything, I am actually being perfectly civil.

The deadline stands Patrick, 11.00 am GMT Friday, February 11th 2005.

Ignore if you will, delete unread if you must. A copy has been forwarded to your server's administration along with a formal request for a removal and retraction of the offending post.

Copies of all comments published by myself will be made available for their consideration at their request, as well as any other parties so interested.

The apology you will publish yourself. See that you do.

Amy said...
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