Sunday, February 06, 2005

Epic battles and ads.

Super Bowl Sunday. Saren and I watched the commercials, and played the Buffy board game during the football parts. It's our annual tradition.

Best ads this year: FedEx (a talking, dancing bear ("That bear can dance!"), and Burt Reynolds) and (monkeys!)

Worst ads: Pretty much everything else. Blah. The Super Bowl spots don't live up to the hype anymore. If they ever did.

I do want to see War of the Worlds, though. Mmmmm...destruction.

Best quotes from the Bimpsons after-game show: "America's priorities are a joke!" Heh.
Mom on street: "You try to raise your child as a secular humanist, but these religious organizations cram it down your throats!"
Child: "Mommy, why wasn't I baptized?"
Mom: "You see?!? You see!?!?"

We tried to watch American Dad, but could only take about five minutes of it. Not funny.

The game ended before either Good or Evil actually completed their goal, but Evil "won" by the fact that her players had more hit points remaining. Just like in real life!


Min said...

I actually watched American Dad. There were times when I got annoyed/bored, but there were a few laugh out loud moments. I really enjoyed the telephone conversation between GW and God. Good stuff.

Blofelds Cat said...
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Simon said...

Dave and I caught the start of the Super Bowl when channel hopping. The referee was explaining the coin to the players before the toss. It was silly-looking.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Simpsons line was even funnier, the woman actually complained about 'Hollywood types' (or some such) cramming religion down our throats. Ha!

Ditto on American Dad. The show did not endear itself to me by having a dog named Thor who was then killed!! Christ, if I was a real American, I'd sue. As it is I'll settle for never watching the show again.

So yeah, memo to all T.V. programs: killing a dog named Thor is pretty much a dealbreaker. Bastards.


Amy said...

My only impression of American Dad was that it looked like Family Guy, only slightly different. So ... I didn't watch it.

I watched the last ... 10 minutes? Or something of the second ... quarter? Or something. I was waiting for Angela Lansbury to sing. There were many flashing lights. That was my main impression.

All in all, I managed to find the whole thing not as interesting as the Home and Garden channel. That's sad.

Amanda said...

I liked the Diet Pepsi one with Carson.

I watched the first few minutes of American Dad before I decided it wasn't worth staying up for. The fish creeped me out.