Tuesday, February 22, 2005

This title should be something about The Cheat.

See, cuz I'm cheating to make it. I'm typing it up in WordPad - which I keep wanting to call WordPat - and will post it later with the timestamp all backdated.

Why? Because our internet connection is craptacular! A few weeks back - pre-Irina, actually, which is hard to believe, but anyway - I called Sprint (aka THE DEVIL) and told them that we were having difficulties with our phone line: Incoming calls were being cut off mid-ring, there was a lot of static on the line when we did make calls, etc. The only thing that was consistently working was our internet connection. (Yay!)

I think i may've already blogged about this, but since I can't go online and check...

Anyway. I called them on, like, Monday, January 31stth. They said they'd be out sometime between then and Friday at 7pm. (Yeah. Vague.)

So Friday rolls around, and around 4pm the Sprint guy shows up, walked around our house, found a wire outside that was all broken, and replaced it. And things were great! We got phone calls, there was no more static, P@ considered rethinking his evaluation of how evil Sprint is.

And then, about a week ago, the phone rang, and mid-ring, it stopped.

So, long story short (too late), the problems with our phone line are back. And with a vengence.Because now, in addition to phone calls being interrupted, we can't get online. We can't get online!!!!!

I'm 98% sure that it's all due to a broken-ish wire inside our house - behind the couch - which (and here's the kicker) I showed to the Sprint guy when he was here. His response at the time was: "Oh, no, it couldn't be that. Don't worry about it."


So, yeah, I'll be calling Satan tomorrow. Again. And then waiting. In the meantime, I'll do these fake-blog updates, and then post a hell of a lot of backdated entries.

2/22/05 10:15pm

...or, you know, not. Since I got the connection working at this time. But, whatev. Still got to contact Evil, Inc. and have them investigate the phone line. Better stock up on goat's blood. Lord knows it's gonna cost me somehow.

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Amy said...

It couldn't be that!!!


Um. I bet it's not as funny when you're dealing with it. But, hey, if it does turn out to be that, maybe you could point out to the employee of Evil that you solved the problem yourself. And maybe then they'll let you, you know, pay yourself.