Monday, February 21, 2005

Feer and low things in Laws Vegas

I should disclaim that I am UTP@. There. You have been warned. Warn. Ed.

I awoke at 65:30 this afternomroning. THat was so taht I could take the CAT Bus to work, so that the STeph could ckeep thecar, which she did. And I did. Take the bus, that is. I ddi not, however, sing the "BUs sogn" wile I did it.

But on the birght side, nobody spoke to me. Hooray! I had feared taht I would be forced to interact while partaking in public transportaiotn. But it was unfounded. THankfuly. Why do people strike conversations with complete strangers? Is it lonliness? I think that it probbaly is. Or at least a large part of it. Which is unbelievably depressing. Stupid lonliness. Stupid human condition.

Anyway, yeah, no people talking to me. Everyone kept to themselves, and or discussed amongst themselves. Excpet for the Crazy Guy that was tlaking to the Bus Driver when I first got on. (Their conversation was about the changing weateher patterns [see? Even the crazy people are starting to take notice!] and how great it would be for a tornado to strike the Las Vegas Strip, demolishing casinos along the way.)

What else? Um. The major lesson I learned about the bus is that I need to wear different shoes next time. My work shoes are not designed for walking - so that's just what they'll not do! Heee. I ended up with a blister on my ankle of my left food. Ouch.

The Steph and the girls went ot the Natural History Muesum with the homeschooling group today. It sounds like they had a good time. For waht's it's worth, I wreally wish I could've gone iwth them. I do miss having my mornings free to spend with them. Of cours,e having the nights home so I can have dinners is nice, too. Grass is always geener, blah blah blah.

Let's see, what else? I know I had more to blog about. Hrm. I cut out a boob at work today. And a butt! The breast belong to Teri Hatcher, the butt was ...I don't know who she was. But if you watch Rocky IV, you'll see it. Unless, of course, you watch that movie as it airs on our stations hiere in Las Vegas. [rolldoh]

The Teri Hatcher edit? Awesome. The Rocky edit? Ehhh...not so great. But it was my first real go at it, so I'm willing to cut myself some slack. Also, in the end, all that raelly matters is that the innocent, innocent children don't see a female body part. Right? Right.

I cna't beleive that it's already 8:47pm. It feels lso much later.

Oh. The title, of course, relates to the fact taht Hunter Thomspon has shuffled off the mortal coil. I've not seen the movie, but now I kinda want to. Morbid? Maybe.

Done now.


Amy said...

Man, you had to take a cat bus? Was the people bus full?

Anyway, I'm glad you were not talked at. I hate that! Hee. That rhymed.

Also, if children see boobs, they will DIE. Think how many lives you've saved.

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