Thursday, July 17, 2003


That was the 8 ball's response. What was the question?

My brain is oatmeal. I'm hot and I cna't think clearly at all. I was going to blog about stuff, I really was. But I just can't seem to get the thoughts coherent.

I found some pretty neat things. The current population of the world is 6.3 billion. I found a clock that updates it by the second. I was really thinking of adding it to my blog, but I couldn't fiugre out how to do it. [frown] But watching the numbers increase is highly hypnotic.

136 people have come into the world in the past minute.

Today being a Thursday, I worked the early shift, whihc means I got to see talk shows that I only watch once a week. I'm still of the opinion that the Jerry Springer show would be equally (if not more) entertaining if all of the "guests" were replaced with chimpanzees.

And John Walsh made me want to hit my head against a wall - repeatedly. His show was about school truancy. The whole hour people spent the time trying to "solve" the "problem" by insisting on more of the same. ("The schools don't have enough security guards making sure the students stay there." AAAAAAARRRRGGGGHH!!) I also noticed that the few times they actually talked to the students, they were rather dismissive of their opinions (not unusual. Our society generally treats children and teenagers as secondary citizens) and that they, of course, didn't offer them any solution of not going to school. ("We must make sure that our children are educated.")
The other thing that ticked me off was John Walsh's "fact" that increased truancy has a direct link to juvenile deliquency and/or crime. Where's the proof of this?
And actually, the proof is going to be flawed. If you've been truant, and you get into trouble with the law, of course they'll have a record of it. But if you're truant and stay out of trouble, that doesn't go into the database.

I was going to make an entry about religion (cuz it's been a while), but it'll have to wait. I'm too tired to do it justice.
I was als ogoing to ramble 'bout population growth (as you can see, I started to) but I'm not feeling up to that either.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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