Sunday, July 27, 2003

I want more junk to put in my blog. Odd, I don't mind accumulating digital garbage, but the stuff in Real Life is bothering me.
Also, it looks like the move is going to be ...well, a move. And as I think everyone knows, MOVING SUCKS!
But, once we get there - YAY!!

Hmm. I still haven't finished the CAST. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna leave it there, and let people continue to add on to it. And then, in a few weeks' time, I'll gather all of the entries and put it up as a single post along with the ending. Yeah. That'll work.

My belly is bleugahi.

Tonight's Futuremama was brilliant. I totally think someone on the staff has read Ishmael. [grin]
It's a true pity that there's only 2 more new episodes left.

It's coming up on the new Fall Season, so all the TV stations are starting to promote their upcoming shows and the season premieres of the returning favorites. I'm finding myself not really moved. Seems like each year I find less and less on that appeals to me. Eventually, I'll give up on network television altogether. I mean, when I was in my teens, I watched A LOT of television. Now, I still do (but I'm paid to do it). But really, I don't watch that much tv at work. Yeah, I'm supposed to, but Pfft!

Let's see - what else?

Yikes! Saren's birthday is fast approaching. Never enough money, never enough time.

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