Sunday, July 20, 2003

Ugh. My dream last night was weird. All I really recall was watching a movie at a Blockbuster Video on the tv screens. The movie was set on E.T.'s home planet - so every character was one of the E.T. aliens (anyone know what they're called?).
But it was set in a concentration camp. Kind of a combination between E.T. the Extra Terrestrial and Schindler's List.

It's difficult to believe that creatures like E.T. would be cruel to each other like that.

I told all this to Stephanie, and she scoffed and said that E.T. was probably just a child. And that maybe his planet was going through a "children's holocaust" (a deplorable phrase if ever I've heard) so his parents left him on Earth so that he would be spared.

I dislike this version of the movie.

Hmm. I thought I had more to say, but apparently not. Maybe later.

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