Sunday, July 27, 2003

Well, ask (and do the work myself) and I shall receive.

I went searching for stuff to add to my "Clutter" section, and found two new additions. The first is the link to blogtv, which is really nothing more than another blogring, but it's got the cute graphic of "snow", so I couldn't resist. Plus, there's only 85 people on it right now, so I feel like I'm getting in on the ground floor.

The second one is one that I doubt many people will use, and it is kinda big so I might remove it eventually...anywhat, it's the Babelfish translator. Simply click on the image of the flag of a particular country and the text of my blog will be translated to that language! Huzzah!!
(I think I might try to learn myself a new language that way. [smile])

I also found a lot of stuff that was Lame-o Patame-o, so of course, I didn't add that. There were also some really nifty looking guestmaps (seems Bravenet doesn't have the monopoly on them) but I like Bravenet's the best. There was one called IndyJunior that costs money, but it was sweet. Oh well.

In other news, mayhem should be banned. He's too fucking hilarious and I'm incredibly jealous of his wit. Luckily, he can't read, so I'm safe in saying this.

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