Tuesday, July 22, 2003

My brain is in a weird moode (moode?!?!) right now, so forgive me if I jump around a lot. Consider it a peek into the way in which my mind works. You've been warned.

Some things I said earlier:

"The supermarket's floors, instead of being linoleum, should be sand. That way, you could just poop in the aisle, and bury it like a cat, and keep on going." (Steph did not agree.)

"They should have Police Goats." (and really, they should. Police Dogs are all great and all, but imagine how much fear a few Billys would put into the hearts of criminals.)

Some things I did earlier:

[-] Mowed the front lawn. I've not done that in at least a month - and holy fucking shit was that thing foresty. I was (still am) wearing shorts today, so my legs wound up getting all greeny due to the grass I was trudging through. After I finished mowing, I hauled out the weed whacker, and that resulted in further greenness of my legs.
(Well, at least they're not white anymore.)

[-] I did not mow the back yard, because that is going to require chainsaws. Or perhaps Chainsaw. Soupy, do you feel like travelling down to Las Vegas in order to do yardwork for us?

[-] Ate at Rufio's Ha-Ha Grill, which was deliciously delicious. I think I will buy some gift certificates for Jamie for when she gets back to the states.

[-] Went grocery shopping. While there, I did something incredibly stupid (and rather funny - in hindsight). As we were walking down the aisle with the Pepsi 24 packs, Stephanie asked me, "Want or don't want?" Not answering her, I simply grabbed the case by the handle and removed it from the shelf.
At which point, the case tore, and 24 cans of Pepsi fell onto the ground. One of them exploded, spraying Pepsi all over my legs (remember, I'm wearing shorts today?) and the floor.
I know there's some sort of joke in here about the new WB show, Pepsi Smash, but I'm too lazy to make it. (and see, another reason to make the floors sand)

[-] Read some more of My Ishmael. I'm nearly halfway, so I think once I'm done with that I'll move onto something non-Quinn. Maybe I'll work on the WD Book Club at that point.

Some stuff I thought today:

[-] Heee! Squibbons!

[-] Lame-o patame-o! They should've had it get eaten by the MegaSquid.

[-] Dude, *all* life is intelligent.

[-] I'm hungry like the wolf.

[-] I should go back. No...I shouldn't. Well...maybe I should.

[-] Oops! I need to answer that email.

[-] I dunno. Maybe she just doesn't like me anymore.

[-] Pfft! We're totally not moving to *this* apartment.

Etc. (stuff that just didnt' fit into the other categories - in other words, the real blog entry)

I've got a gimmick in mind for my blog...I'll most likely have it started in the next couple of days. There's an unrelated gimmick that my wife came up with, but the details on that one are still foggy. But once they become more clear, I'll be talking about it here (and possibly on the WD in Testing) in order to get more people involved.

I do believe I'm done. But not. I felt that I had a lot more to say, but I can't remember it. I hate that feeling. Oh well.

I'm out like a trout.

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