Friday, July 04, 2003


This saddens me.

Or perhaps, I'm just in a melancholy (sp?) mood overall, and that is just the first thing I feel like noticing and being saddened by.
I want to cry. Our society is just sick.

[sigh] I'm not doing this right. Let me restart.

See, I know when I talked about stuff that Daniel Quinn brings up in his books last time, I generated a lot of disapproval. Which is fine, too be expected, actually. People don't like being told anything other than the status quo. I'm no different.
And I feel like I'm being harsh again, and I don't want to come across that way.

Reading some of the posts on the WD, and listening to the radio, and watching television, and reading the newspaper (fucking news!), and driving through the city ...I've just realized (again) that our society is just so engrossed in the self-destructive path. [sigh]
Just [sigh]

gaffer had his "How liberals think" and then some other yahoo had "How conservatives think" and I've not even bothered going into either post (I don't need to) to know that both of those posts are prime examples of "How NEITHER of them think." The whole game (and politics is a game. A sick, stupid, ridiculous, pointless GAME) is just a way of blaming the effects of the problem rather than doing anything about it. The liars will continue to make their "promises", the public will continue to bitch about how nothing changes but the faces, meanwhile, the water will continue to boil, and the frog will keep on smiling. (Read the Story of B to understand that analogy. Or if you'd like, ask me, and I'll explain it in detail)

I drive through the streets of Las Vegas, and I look around, and this thought just won't go away. It's a strong statement, and I know that everyone reading this will initially disagree. (I think even Daniel Quinn might disagree with me here) Anyway, the thought that will not leave my head:

Humans are not meant to live in cities

Just as lions are not meant to live in cages, and fish really aren't meant to reside in aquariums, the city in which you reside is a false environment.

Actually, if I modify that stament just a bit, I bet that Quinn would agree with me 100%. Not all humans are meant to live in cities.
But we believe the opposite. Any indigineous culture we've come across we've either killed or forced to "join". (I'm sure Amy can point out tribes we've left alone, and actually, I'd like her too. I really want to learn more about them)

[sigh] I've (again) gone on longer than I meant to. And (again) not really scratched the surface, or made my point. Which just bothers me all the more. Tomorrow is the 4th, so I'll take some time off from the "thinky" subjects in order to do post about the days events. But I'm not done talking about this. Not by a long shot.

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