Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Counting down to 7-3-0

Started off the day with a horrific dream involving zombies. And these particular undead weren't the typical movie kind. You know, the not too bright, move rather sluggishly kind? Nope. These folks ran. And on top of that, they were smart (one of them had invented some sort of handheld contraption that shot nails out of it...much like a nail-gun, but different). Which made them fucking creepy as goddamn hell. After much running for my life, the survivors of the neighborhood I was in gathered together. Turns out, I was the oldest still living person for miles.
Which put me in charge of a group of terrified children. Not what I wanted.

The parents of these youngsters began to track us down, and luckily around that time, the alarm went off. [shudder] Freakin' zombies.

After waking up and assuring myself that that particular world was limited to being inside my head, I fell back into a half slumber and had a Buffy dream. (Although since I wasn't sleeping-sleeping, I was not exactly dreaming-dreaming, either) Suffice to say that this Buffy dream is going to be a fanfic someday. Probably the first one I'll really write. It's not particularly good, but it is funny. And I think I'll title it "Counting down to 7-3-0" because it ties in nicely. [grin]

I woke back up in time to shower and eat breakfast, then headed down to work for the training session. It was scheduled for 3 hours, but wound up taking only 2. Everyone who was there agreed that we'd indicate on our time sheets that we'd been there for the 3rd hour, though. Woo-hoo for group fraud!!

On the way home, I was all worried that the odometer would hit the all 1 mark before I had Steph's camera with me. Luckily, it didn't. I got home with 5 miles (exactly!) to go. We decided to go out.

Woohoo!! All 1s!!

Out - we went to Pier One (heh. "one"), and some craft store, and Barnes&Noble wherein I looked at a history of the world book that cost like 90 dollars, but was immensely interesting. I got to wonder why the Australian people seem to be the only ones who never attempted farming. Maybe Lisa's got some insight on that with her books she's been reading. Or perhaps Jupe knows. Or maybe someone else will make something up.

After B&N, we drove to..where'd we go? Oh! The mall. Wherein we ate at Red Robin (meh. It was overpriced. Shoulda gone to Chevy's instead. But at least it was better than Denny's. Note to Denny's: your BLTs are not worth six dollars.) then we walked around for a while, and went into the Sanrio (Hello Kitty) store. And bought more junk. Yippie! We could (and probably need to) use a snow shovel to clear a path through the amount of stuff we've already got, and then we go to a corporation run store and bring more into the house.

For all the talk of Ishmael-ian things we've been doing, we certainly haven't changed our behaviour. Yet.

Now we're home, and I've got work in the morning, and Stephanie needs to load the pic of the mileage so I can edit it in.

And I've still got a billion other things I want to talk about. (Wal-mart, a note that Jess left me a few days ago, religion, my CAST ending [thing is still open, people get your entries in now!!], etc.)

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