Sunday, April 22, 2012

ups & downs

man, today has been freaking crazy. ups and downs galore. and it hasn't really been that busy of a day, just a very emotional one, I suppose.

High (and low!) lights:

Got a little further in Lego Harry Potter (years 1 -4).

Had a date with Stephanie! We went to the bookstore (just like olden times!!), and they had some sort of Star Wars ...thing going on. There were several people dressed in storm trooper costumes, and jedi outfits, and there was even a R2-D2 robot there, which made very loud R2-D2 noises. Silas would have loved it. (or been freaked out)

On our date, we talked about the insurance fiasco, and I have to say, I'm feeling extremely anxiety-filled about how tomorrow is going to shake out. I suppose that my brain is thinking that the absolute worst case scenario is going to happen. And that is pretty much this: That the van is undrivable AND that we don't get any money from the insurance company.

We'll see.

Remember The Project? (No? Yeah, well, that's because the last time I was working on it was 5 years ago.) But today Harper helped me work on it some more!! I'm all (re)excited about it again! So cool.

Went for a drive with Irina in the rental car, and saw two rabbits and a hummingbird. Sometimes our neighborhood is pretty nifty.

One of our turtle peeps died. Irina and Silas discovered it's body in the backyard this evening. It was upside down, near a bush. We're not sure how it got flipped onto it's back - unless a cat somehow flipped it over? - because there was nothng nearby that it could have been crawling onto and fallen. I feel so horrible. Poor turtle peep. The larger one is still alive (as far as we know, we were unable to locate it, but are assuming it was in it's burrow), though, so that's good.

I can't believe it's Sunday night already. Freaking weekends don't last long enough at all.

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