Friday, November 30, 2007


Another random post. But shorter.

[-] I thought (wished?) that the previous entry would have gotten more feedback. Oh well.

[-] 10 years ago, the sentence, "I blogged about my flickr account, and then googled some info for wikipedia." would have made no sense. (Not that it makes a lot of sense now, but at least we know what all those things are.)

[-] It rained all day today, and usually rain makes me happy, but all it did today was make me irritable.

[-] So I wonder what words will be in our vocabulary ten years hence that we don't commonly use now.

[-] I didn't do any work on The Project yesterday, opting instead to read some of Monster Planet. (50 pages left!)
This weekend, though.

[-] I'm trying (with minor levels of success so far) to cut back on my Pepsi intake.

[-] I never did get around to finishing Thy Master's Bidding. [sigh]

[-] Ignorance. Bliss? I think sometimes, yeah. There are certain realities in this world that I wish I did NOT know about.
...although, you know, not knowing doesn't make it go away. Of course, my knowing about them doesn't make them go away, either. All it does is make me more uncomfortable knowing that such things happen. Hrm.

[-] I don't really have a good way of wrapping this post up.

[-] I guess this is the end of (Inter)National Blog Posting Month. Here's hoping that the internet isn't completely boring tomorrow as a result!


Simon said...

You made it! Congratulations!

Amy said...

I think about that word thing all the time, but right now I can't remember what word made me most recently think about it.

Also I hope in the future one of the words that I've made up will be very popular. Or you! Whatever!

CosmicAvatar said...

Sorry I'm late. I've fed back on your previous entry now!

Ignorance can be bliss. Sometimes it can be fearful. But above all, it's... ignorance. And knowledge is so much better. *nods sagely and hopes she doesn't look too much like a twat*

Well done for completing NaBLoPoMo!