Tuesday, November 20, 2007

this and that

I can't seem to think of a coherent topic for today, so instead just a few random thoughts.


On the drive home today, we took Tropicana Ave. instead of the normal Flamingo or Desert Inn Road. Which was a gigantic mistake. The traffic jam was truly horrible. But one thing I noticed and thought was noteworthy was the fact that at Tropicana and Arville the buildings more or less went, "Massage Parlor", "Adult Book Shop", "Southwest Gas", "Sex Toy Shop".... I kind of felt bad for the employees of Southwest Gas. I mean, they're just these folks who work for a major utility company, and they are constantly surrounded by porn.
And, sure ,that might sound appealing, but dude. It's where you work. And there is nothing else around there.

Also thought during that time? I really hate Las Vegas.


You know how when, for example, you learn a new word, and then you start seeing that word everywhere? Or you are looking for a new car, and suddenly that type (and sometimes color) of car appear all over the place?
Well, that has recently started happening to me with the phrase, "Are you kidding me?". The past two or three days it has been everywhere.


David Wellington's website has all of his novels on there for free to read! Not only has he written Monster Island, Monster Nation, and Monster Planet, but he's also written a vampire novel: 13 Bullets, and a werewolf novel, Frostbite. All of which are, as I said, available to be read online at davidwellington.net. Dude is right up my alley.


Supposedly, after 3 weeks of doing something, it becomes a habit. Today marks the 21st day in a row that I have blogged (um, I think. I'm pretty sure I blogged the day before November started...), so if that is true I should be used to blogging daily. Will it continue? Who knows?


Hazardous meme to start:
Whenever you are stuck in traffic and one of those douchebags has the thumpy bass speakers set really loud [and seriously - why are those things always set to the exact level to make my head pound? And/or wake up a sleeping child?] - start honking. Just lay on your horn while their "music" is playing. Encourage everyone else near you to also honk.
Fight annoyance with annoyance!

The drawbacks to this particular idea:
1) It's a good way to maybe get shot.
2) The douchebags might just turn their music up.
3) The noise level in the city is really high enough as it is.


Remember when Fear Factor was on tv?


I haven 't worked on The Project in ... I don't know how long. I just keep putting it off and putting it off. I mention this mostly as a way of chiding myself into getting back to work on it.


Mindi Scott said...

Regarding the second random thought: I have that happen to me all the time!

This summer I heard the word "mojitos" for the first time. And now it's everywhere!

And last week it was the word "cougar" as a slang term for a certain type of woman.

Amy said...

Dude, are you kidding me? You should totally get to work on the Project. The longer you take, the longer until I find out what the hell you're talking about.

You know what probably sucks about working at that gas station? I bet that at least at some point, they've debated whether or not they should do some kind of "sexy" advertising. For gas. And suddenly their lives seemed very empty and small.

P@ said...


Min - "cougar" was all the rage down here a few months back, when a coworker (um, who is a cougar) discovered the word.

Amy - Southwest Gas is actually not a gas station, but the gas utlitity company. Like Nevada Power, but with ...um, natural gas instead of electricity. So it also means that any citizen of Las Vegas who goes to pay their gas bill in person ends up bombarded by sex-for-sale messages. [eyeroll]

And I totally plan on using this 4 day weekend to work on The Project.