Sunday, November 04, 2007

There's always exercise

So, the WGA is going on strike.

On the one hand, I wanna say, "Screw the writers. They should be writing for the love of writing, not for money. There are hundreds of thousands of people who would kill to have the opportunity to have their craft televised and viewed by millions, and would happily do it for the amount of cash they're being paid. Or maybe even for less."

On the other hand, producers of television and movies need to stop being so greedy and pay their writers what they're worth, and realize that times change, and technology changes and that without people getting paid for creating their product, we all lose.

I can sympathize with both sides of this argument. Such is the joy of being a Gemini. (Or possibly just being me.)

As with just about everything in life, I'm most concerned with how this strike will affect me personally. If it ends up pushing back and/or changing the quality of my favorite shows (Pushing Daisies, Lost, The Simpsons, and 30 Rock are the main programs I'm worried about) then...well, that would kinda suck.
But I guess there's always movies. I mean, we have 150-ish items on our Netflix queue. So if we were suddenly in a bereft of good tv, we could catch up on those.
But say the strike goes on for a longer period of time, and the movies start to suffer?
Well, there's always the internet.
I mean, just cuz there's a writer's strike doesn't mean that people are going to stop blogging. (Right?)

But if the internet did go through one of it's phases where nobody was entertaining me?

I suppose my title would be true at that point.
So, please, Hollywood. Get it together. Don't make me resort to exercise.

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