Saturday, November 24, 2007

Amy and I got into an argument about the 21 grams urban legend. (The supposed truth that when a person dies, their body becomes 21 grams lighter, due to the soul leaving the body)

She believed it, and I got extremely upset by this. I tried reasoning with her, but the harder I pushed it, the more she countered with (anecdotal) evidence backing her position.

I told her that Wikipedia refuted the claim (she said that Wikipedia was not a reliable source, which, fair enough) and that I knew of at least 4 books that also put the lie to rest.

Eventually, we were going to both have a five minute presentation on tv, debating our sides.

First, though, Harper & I were going to watch the 1972 movie, Five Bears Walked Down the Road Until They Got Chased by a Werewolf in a Space Shuttle.
Which, was exactly what happened in that movie.

There were five grizzly bears walking down an abandoned road. A space shuttle landed behind them, and it was piloted by a werewolf. The bears began to run, and that's when I woke up.


Mindi Scott said...


I was so floored at the idea of you and Amy having "an argument" instead of a merely "a discussion" that I read this entire entry with my brow furrowed in confusion. I'm glad it wasn't real. :-)

Amy said...

... Dude.

I'm trying to think of what my anecdotal evidence would have been. "Now, look, Pat, I've weighed a lot of dead people ..."

Anonymous said...

It's those damn cults*, P@, they give people funny ideas.

Oh, and since I'm too lazy to make this a separate comment, Happy Anniversary-type-thing to you and Stephanie!

* (Catholicism)