Wednesday, April 18, 2012

played hooky

more or less how today went down:

445a - woke up, fed the cats, called in to work
5a - went back to sleep
7a- woke back up, called work again, in an effort to find out how much work I'd be missing out on.
730a - received a phone call from American Family Insurance
830a - called Jim Marsh Chevrolet, determined we'd take the van down there on Saturday for them to take a (second) look at the damage and give us an estimate. (Yesterday we discovered that the hood does not open. Which means that the cost for repairing it is most likely going to be more than the original estimate was)
10a- left to go to Harper's final acting class
1030a - waited, while Harper rehearsed for the play she'd be participating in.
12p - watched Harper's play. She did great!! I was very proud of her, and believe that acting is really good for her. It was great to see her improv skills at work (her deciding to use the spray bottle was pretty funny), and I'm just glad taht I decided to take the day off in order to see her do this.
1245p - drove to DQ for lunch. Had KFC instead. The Colonel was there!!
1:10p - had desert at DQ
1:30p - drove to a park, where the kids and I played. Harper did her maniac-chase thing that frightens me into running away.
2..something pm - headed home. Harper found a switchblade at the park on the way out.
330p - left to go to Half-Cat* Lawyers in order to sign the papers to finalize the bankruptcy
4p - signed lots of papers
430p - left Half-Cats, grabbed some complimentary cookies (laced with something??)
5p- hyper good mood - cookies influence, perhaps?
545p - coin battle with Harper. until dinner time.
6p - went to get Domino's pizza for dinner
7p - ate, and then watched Saren perform in some sort of Starcraft tournament that was streaming online. She won one round, whihc earned her 3 tickets for the raffle at the end that would get her a free pizza (I think the drawing/raffle is this Friday??). Awesome.
...and that was pretty much it.
Sadly, no zombie apocalypse, and it wasn't as exciting as Ferris Bueller's day, but overall, absolutely a good day, and I'm 100% glad I called in.

*not the real name of the law firm

1 comment:

Amy said...

Time, hang on, back up.

Harper is in an acting class? Harper was in a play?

All right. Continue with what you were doing.

(Harper is the best.)