Wednesday, April 25, 2012

8 months til Xmas

Just sayin'.

I have absolutely nothing to blog about, but I'm blogging anyway. Because that always ends so well.

Earlier, there was a kernel of an idea of a story bubbling around in my head (since, yeah, I need ANOTHER story idea to focus on), but it didn't pop. It was something about aliens landing, and offering to trade something we have a lot of for something else, that we don't have at all. For example, they would take the world's population of kittens, and exchange them for unicorns.

I do want to do some fiction writing this month, because, as I stated, that was the whole point of blogging daily, so hopefully this weekend I'll get motivated enough to do so. I also need to figure out which story I'm gonna go with. Which means I should wrangle up a random number generator. (Or, if any readers out there wanna throw out a number between one and ten, that'll work just as well, I suppose)

At least I [should] have something to blog about for tomorrow. It's Take Your Child To Work Day, and the plan is for Harper and Irina to attend the day at the office with me. I should ste...borrow Steph's camera for the day so I could take photos to accompany the blog entry. Hmm.

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Amy said...

Oh man. You know I love kittens, but that would be a sweet deal. lack of conflict.

Also, 4. Obviously.