Monday, April 16, 2012


just a random bunch of thoughts.

I'm getting ready to cook the first  barbecue of the year. Mmm. Cheeseburgers and hotdogs.

American Family Insurance (ha! I originally typed "Unsurance") is irritating as all hell. Just pay us the damn money that we're owed. >: (

Work is cruddy, but a coworker I like is having an even rougher time over hte past few days. I hate that that place can make people cry.

Saw Apollo 18 yesterday, but I can't seem to generate enough of a response to make a haiku review of it. It looked good (except when it didn't stick to it's '1970s camera' gimmick, which was irritating) but the plot was pretty desolate (just like the moon!) and there weren't a lot of scares, for a supposed 'horror' movie. Meh.

We let our butterflies go yesterday. (oh, yeah, for those [nonexistent?] people who read my blog, but not my wife's, we had ordered some caterpillars a few weeks back.)

The month is now officially over half way over, and I still haven't written any [new] fiction, which was the goal of this 'blog every day' exercise. Hmm.

Okay. time to cook dinner.

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