Friday, April 27, 2012

not Death Eaterist

Was a reason ever given in the Harry Potter universe as to why wizards keep their society a secret from muggles?

If the world at large knew about magic...then it would probably end up regulated and watched over (as much as it could be, at any rate. I mean, the wizarding world attempted to do so, with varying degrees of success). But, it would probably be helpful to have EVERYONE on the lookout for someone like Voldemort, rather than just the Order of the Phoenix, no?

On the other hand, Voldy could've very easily taken Harry Potter out of the equation if he had simply gone to the United States Army (or the UK's equivalent, I suppose) and said, "This Harry Potter person is a very powerful terrorist. He lives right here at Number Four Privet Drive." Maybe brought along a video showing him performing some spells as proof.

Just sayin', that if the secret society wasn't so secret, it may have solved a few problems. (Same could be said of any story that has a 'hidden secret society'. Exposing it to the world at large opens up a whole other can of worms, and I guess ultimately makes it a different story.


Amy said...

Uh ... I remember they went into some detail on the WOMBAT. I forget if it was mentioned in the books or not. But basically, all the Muggles were harrassing wizards to solve all their problems using magic, and wizards couldn't/wouldn't and then a whole bunch of stuff went down and something to do with witch hunts.

CosmicAvatar said...

Amy's comment does sound vaguely familiar. And JK Rowling does sound like the sort of person who covers her bases pretty well. (Lord knows, I wouldn't have done, as I just don't analyse my entertainment all that deeply.)