Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vice Versa

I took the van down to a body shop today to get a second, real estimate on the repairs from the accident (that was almost two months ago now. Holy Jesus, have I made it clear how much I DESPISE American Family Insurance??), and wound up driving home a different vehicle. Yup. TL;DR version - we are currently driving a rental car - a compact Nissan Versa, that doesn't fit all 6 of us, and barely fits 5. Hopefully we'll have the van back on Monday.

Now, for the boring details:

I woke up - grudginly - at 7:30, and drove down to the body shop. When I got there, I found out that I had to come back home to get the original estimate paperwork so that they could work from there.
So, after driving back home, locating the paperwork, stopping to put some gas in the van, and then driving back to the body shop, the nice estimator lady took a quick look at the van's damage. She jotted down a few notes, and then  we returned to her computer where she input the info, only to tell me that we were quite possibly looking at a "total loss" factor at this point. But, she said, that they wouldn't TRULY be able to tell without getting the hood off, and looking at the radiator frame.

But, she said that American Family would put me up in a rental car until that could be determined, and basically, I didn't have a lot of other choice, because the hood was gonna have to come off at SOME point, and once it got opened, it might not be close-able again, which would render the van undriveable.
I mentioned to her at this point that American Family was a bunch of douchebag mother fuckers. (I may have used kinder words) and that they were attempting to screw us over by not giving us 100% of the estimate because of Stephanie's statement to them regarding how the accident went down. (They're saying they'll pay 80%, because Steph "didn't look to see if she could see him backing up". Um. Yeah. Why would anyone look that way? You aren't going to be expecting traffic coming down the WRONG DIRECTION.)


She suggested that we call our Insurance company, (which we haven't done yet because we only have liability coverage, so it's not like they're going to pony up the other 20% that AmFam won't pay...but maybe they would?  I dont' know. I'm still waiting to see what happens come Monday, but I might call Progressive just to see what, if anything, can be done.) because they might be "able to go after American Family".  But then she put in the notes that the coverage of the repairs at this point were 80/20, with a note that that might change.

She then told me that on Monday they would open the hood and find out the extent of the rest of the damage inside, and they'd also call the American Family estimate dude, and get his take on the matter.

In the meantime, I was sent down the hall to the rental car company, where I got our way small compact car that has the tiniest cutest little "beep" when the alarm is set. And it has about 40 different blind spots. But, it accelerates super quickly, and has an AC that works on all 4 settings, and has windows that work, and the doors are all shut according to the sensors, and it has working turn signals, and the cd player ejects cds on the first push of the eject button rather than the 2nd or 3rd... so, it's got all those points over the van.

We'll have to see, come Monday, what the latest development will be with the van and AmFam and what they're going to pay.

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