Thursday, April 26, 2012

worka worka work

Today was pretty typical, so it was nice that Harper and Irina got a chance to witness a taste of what I go thru 5 days a week.

Oddly, even though I didn't even work a full day (we went in at 8, took an hour lunch, and left at 330) I am WAY more tired than normal. Of course, I did do a lot more driving than I typically do, because after we got home, we drove out to Henderson (and back home) but I was feeling the exhaustion before then.

Harper helped with some of the filing and putting together of the logs, and I did do some explaining of the actual aspects of my job, so I think she has a better grasp on what it is I do each day (and probably has a little more sympathy for when I come home completely drained). That being said, I'd be kinda surprised if she decided to attend TYCTWD next year.I think she probably feels that she "gets" it enough. Although maybe she'd want to because she'd get a chance to spend more time with me.
It really was cool to have her there, even if she was bored for at least a portion of the day. If I could plan it out better, to make sure that she had tasks for the entire day...

Anyway.  For now, I am going to wrap this up and see if everyone is ready for bed. (Most likely no, since everyone [but me and Steph] had naps in the van during the drive. But, holy majolie, am I tired.)
All in all, an enjoyable day.


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