Saturday, April 28, 2012

today did have good moments.

Free hot dogs (woooo!)
Playing Coin Battle with Harper
discussing story ideas and writing with Harper
walking down to the corner market and getting a pepsi
reading more of my book (Nocturnal by Scott Sigler)
watching Puss in Boots, and having popcorn

however, I have had a headache for the past 6 hours, and I have been a less than ideal father to the littlest ones, in particular, plus, I'm just not happy with the writing sitch and I just got an email from work about missing commercials for Monday (3 of which I KNOW should be there, but will have to wait until I get in to take care of - unless I actually go down to the station and fix it on Sunday)...  my point is that I hope tomorrow is, overall, a better day than today was, and really, the only person in charge of that is myself.

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