Tuesday, September 25, 2007


adj. - "Sorta cool, sorta creepy".

See: John Locke from season 1 of Lost, Hush (season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), advertiser tracking [like when you go on Amazon.com and they totally know what type of things you want based on previous clicks], Mad Eye Moody, and the universe in general.

The word was coined on Saturday during our camping trip by yours truly. When we went on a walk and I looked up and saw the clouds moving at a much faster pace than normal, I commmented that it was "Scoopy."

During the same walk I noticed a rock on the ground that resemebled a brain. I dubbed it, "Brain Rock: The smartest rock in the wilderness.", much to my own amusement.

I think the fresh air was making my brain (rock) go into hyperdrive, because while on the trip I managed to get a lot of work done on The Project. Yay!
And the creative kick has stuck around for a bit, because I did a little more work on it at work yesterday.

Sadly, today I did not get a chance to even look over the previous days notes because work was too busy. Hopefully my muse will stick around and I can continue tomorrow. For now, though, I need to run (drive) to the grocery store to buy materials for dinner. Good thing, too. I'm starving.


Amanda said...

I like it. *adds to vocabulary*

Simon said...

We should get that made into a word. Yes!

Amanda said...

I totally got to use it the other night! There was a really weird cloud formation in front of the full moon, and it was totally scoopy.