Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Let's give it up, ya'll.

Bill Bellamy might just get paid per "let's give it up" or "ya'll" or "one more time".

TV tabulation time!

15 min for Dr phil & commercials (Head On! Apply directly to the forehead!)
20 min of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Tennessee was the last state to secede from the union, and the first to rejoin. Or vice versa, I forget. "Sorry, Tennessee!")
10 minutes of The F-in' News (More Chinese toys being recalled. Apparently lead paint shouldn't be eaten. Who knew?)
10 minutes of an episode of Family Feud (100 men were asked, "of a women's day-to-day activities, what are you most relieved you don't have to do?" Surprisingly, "tolerate men" didn't make the survey.)
50 minutes of 2 Simpsons episodes ("Selma's Choice" & "Brother From the Same Planet")
15 minutes of TV's Most Outrageous Moments (OUTRAAAAAGEOUS!!!!!)
45 minutes of Last Comic Standing (Gerry Dee is totally going to win. As he should. Canadians are just instinctively funnier people than anyone else. If there are any Canadian P@riots still reading my blog [Lucas? Vicki? Iago?] they know what I'm talking aboot. Let's give it up for our Canadian friends, ya'll!!)
2 hrs 45 minutes for the day
month to date total = 6 hrs 58 minutes

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Kirk said...

William Shatner is Canadian. I believe this proves your point conclusively.