Monday, October 09, 2006

Nothing much happened today.

When I was younger (12? 13? 14? somewhere around that age, I guess. Maybe even younger.) I kept a diary that I wrote in everyday.

I remember looking back at that diary several years later and being dismayed by how many entries were simply "Nothing much happened today." Day after day after day, that would be all I would write as a record of another passing of the precious few hours I have on earth. "Nothing much happened today." Gah. Something always happens. It's only how it's filtered through our perceptions as to whether or not it is of interest.

I kinda wish I still had that diary. It would be interesting to see how many of the days of my youth "nothing much happened" on, and also, what things I did report.

Anyway. I was reminded of this little factoid about my life when I sat down to blog today, because, really, nothing much happened today.

Except, of course, stuff DID happen. I just have to stop being boring so that I'll stop seeing things through a bored-filter perspective. Ya know?

The point I guess I'm trying to make is that I want to be able to rememeber more of my life, and to LIVE more of my life and Something. You'll have to forgive, me, I'm really very tired and not thinking clearly. So. Yeah.

It occurs to me that this entry doesn't really detail anything that DID happen, and it is kinda just a big long way of saying, "Nothing much happened today", but at least it is minimally LESS boring than that. Hopefully.

In conclusion, today I:
- rode a double-decker bus for the second time in my life
- conversed with a friend I haven't seen in about 3 months
- did NOT have any Pepsi, despite REALLY wanting to
- worried about the future of humanity
- thought about Wolf
- thought about a possible spin-off of Wolf (or maybe just a separate chapter or 5)
- washed a sinkload of dishes
- spent 9 hours of my life at a building I really didn't want to be at
- continued working on my pet project at work (the movie library overhaul)
- woke up way too early
- remembered that life is short, precious, and incredible, even when it can also drag, be annoying, and overabundant.

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Amy said...

Man, that reminds me ... nevermind.

I've never successfully kept a diary.