Wednesday, October 18, 2006


There are certain things that, for whatever reason, just rub me the wrong way, and I will stubbornly refuse to have anything to do with them. Just because. They are generally quite popular, and I find that if I ever do cave in and actually try them, I enjoy them. (But then get upset at myself for caving.) But my dislike of these things results in me calling the item a "tool of the devil". Because it is. And people should just realize that, and agree with me and stop being dumb and life would be better.


American Idol. Never seen an episode. Never want to. I could not identify anyone who has ever won this show, nor any of the winners "songs" or even tell you when it is on. (Other than the Bimpsons, I don't watch Fox at all anymore. Weird.) American Idol is a TV show of the devil.

Cell phones. Ugh. UGH!!! Cell phones are the freaking tool of the devil. They are so damn annoying. The people who use them are so damn annoying. The commercials are so damn annoying. I don't know how many times I've been in public and heard someone say, "Hey.", think they were talking to me, and turn to realize, "Oh, they're just on their goddamn cell phone."
And, of course, the idiots who use them while driving. It doesn't help matters that they're idiots before they begin talking on the phones. (Most people seriously don't know how to drive very well. I fall in this camp too.) Adding a cell phone into the mix, and my blood is just starting to boil already.

What makes them worse is that I have one now. I don't know when we bought it (I could check my archives and find out, I guess) but somewhere along the way we became one of the herd. And now I never go anywhere without it. I've become what I hated.
But cell phones are still the tool of the devil. Never been there. I'm sure that it's a great site and all (I mean, can 40392603468 gabillion people be wrong?) but even without having visited the thing, I just know that it's the fracking tool of the devil. Goddamn MySpace.

DVDs. Heh. Remember when I felt this way about DVDs and DVD players? Okay, I am a big enough person that I can admit when I am wrong. I may have been wrong about DVDs, and partly wrong on cell phones, but I'm not wrong on the other stuff. MySpace and American Idol can go to hell where they belong.


P@ said...

Wow. This entry was a lot more grumpy sounding than it should've been. (Although, really, MySpace is the freaking tool of the devil.)

Anonymous said...

Amazing...I thought I was the only human being in captivity that hadn't seen American Idol. On top of that, I've never seen Survivor either though I do have a cell phone and I check MySpace from time to time just to make sure my daughter isn't trying to seduce any 65 year old pedophiles.

I guess this makes me semi-Satan.

Kirk said...

I entirely agree about cell phones. I've still never owned one, though Mary-Jane has one, so I guess I haven't caved on a technicality? I hate all reality T.V. I have seen a bit of American Idol, only b/c the wife sometimes watches it. I've never checked out MySpace, but actually I'd like to, if I ever find the time. DVDs rule, of course.

CosmicAvatar said...

I totally agree. I do have a mobile (cell), but I try to stay on it for as little time as possible, and never ever while driving.

I'm glad you came round on DVDs, though, as they are rather good. [wink]