Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm afraid I did Nazi that movie.

I amuse myself greatly.

Anyway. Today's movie answered the question, "How do you make a boring movie about Nazis, secret Hitler plans, and conspiracies to infilitrate the White House?"
The answer is, you get Alan Thicke and um.. that one guy... oh, right, his name is Kyle MacLachlan to star in The Windsor Protocol.

The movie is, like I said, about a document that Hitler supposedly drew up in his last days, placing a bunch of money in secret bank accounts. Given the name the Windsor Protocol. It was lost, then, 50 years later, rediscovered. And some Nazis (now old men) who have been waiting for it to show up, I guess, put their plan into motion. (Their plan has something to do with getting Alan Thicke - a senator - to move up the ranks of the US Administration.)
Agent Cooper (heh) is there to stop them.

It could have been interesting, but it wasn't. Just kind of... there. Oh well. At least Alan Thicke was getting work again. Or, you know, back in 1996 he was.

ANYWAY. This made me think of all the movies that have involved everyone's favorite villains, the Nazis. And, so, just like we did with nukes a few weeks back, now's the time when you list all the tv shows and movies that have had Nazis in them.
I'll get us started with the most obvious:
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Apt Pupil
The Rocketeer (The rock-a-who?)


Kirk said...

Dude, that's just too many. So I'm just gonna name a couple. One of my faves of the Nazi genre is The Boys From Brazil, in which you get to see perennial good guy (and Berkeley grad--represent!) Gregory Peck play Joseph Mengele. And one of the more ridiculous examples was that weird alien/nazi storyline on Enterprise.

Amy said...

Real Nazis only, or are metaphorical Nazis also acceptable?

P@ said...

Real, metaphorical, neo-, soup. It's all good. I'm all inclusive in my Naziism.

Anonymous said...

The Sound of Music had Nazis. And so did The Producers. Nazis and singing goes together like bread and butter. Delicious!