Monday, October 02, 2006

I'll add the title later

I just spent nearly twenty minutes trying to think of a title for this entry, rather than typing.
I was looking for an "anti-LOL" type of word. Like maybe MOL (Melancholic Out Loud) or something to describe this feeling I've had all day.
Oh. I know the word now. "Monday."

I started off the day eating a donut. Mmmm. Forbidden donut.
It was yummy, but donuts really should be shipped off to another planet or something. Because while they taste incredible, there is always a price to pay afterward.
Today, it seems, the price was to my mental well-being. All day long I've been feeling this ...glumness. This... Eeyoreosity.

Um. Blah.

I was going to blog about how I learned about Capital Gains Tax for the first time today, and how irritating it is. But, blah. Not worth it.

In other news today, there was possibly a shooting at a school in North Las Vegas and there definitey was a shooting at a school in Pennsylvania. Originally the reports on the tv were talking about the North Las Vegas shooting. That was then trumped by the Pennsylvania one. Later, the reports seemed to state that there wasn't a shooting here in Vegas, just a gun brought to school grounds, so I don't know what to believe, and I'm too lazy (and don't care enough) to google up the facts. The point is, during my darkest moments earlier today my thoughts on the matter were, "LOL, Columbine." (said in the same vein as "LOL, internets.", which is to say, extremely sarcastic.)
Um. I had some kind of point to make there, and I lost it. Actually, I don't think I did have a point about the shootings. Just that they are kind of a crap icing on a shit cake day.

Switching gears, I watched Grey Owl at work today. Not a bad movie. Not a great one, either, but I guess it's enjoyable enough that I'd recommend it. You know, if it's like, on tv or something.

The movie is based on actual events. The life of Archie Belany (played by Pierce Brosnan) is portrayed. He was an English-born guy who got adopted by the Ojibwa tribe(s?) in Canada and given the Native American name of Grey Owl. He began writing articles for a local magazine and eventually got noticed by a publisher who convinced him to write a book aboot life in the wild. All of this was taking place in the 1930s, btw.
Belany passed himself off as a half-breed to the world, including his wife. His book became super-popular and he went on a tour in England to promote it, and also to talk about conservation. Long before it was popular, he was pretty much one of the first environmentalists.
Meanwhile, in the movie, a reporter is investigating his life and eventually discovers that he is not what he is claiming to be. According to the movie, he holds off reporting the truth until after his death. Also according to the movie, the truth was printed the day after he died.
Sadly, once Grey Owl died, some of his books were no longer published and/or printed and his name became tarnished.

I'd never heard of him before, so it was cool to learn something new. But the movie also made me sad - or rather, I was still sad while watching it - because I knew that despite his best efforts and intentions, well...

Anyway. In conclusion, the day was meh but it's over now. Tomorrow will be better because it will be Tuesday, and because I won't have donuts for breakfast.

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