Sunday, October 15, 2006


Yeah, I know, dream entries are boring. The rule of thumb is, "Dreams are boring unless I'm in them."
But. I just woke up, and so the memories of this one are pretty fresh (although they're fading as I type, of course) and it's been ages since I've blogged about a dream I've had. Hell, it's been ages since I can remember having a dream. Also, this dream was just intensely detailed.

The Tribe of Anthropik invited me, Steph, and the girls over to their house for dinner. !!!!
As we were walking to their incredibly nice home, we passed a lot of open desert where there was construction going on. A crew was sitting in a half-completed building that would eventually become a Wendy's. They watched us as we passed and said some stuff to us in Spanish that I did not understand. (Although my brain at the time knew that it was really Spanish and not just garbled language. Which makes me wonder if my brain really does on some unconcious level understand Spanish. Hmm.)

Anyway. We got to the place where Jason Godesky and Giulianna Lamanna were staying, and it's a beautiful, huge house that was semi-built into the surrounding trees, and even had a small stream running through the entrance way. I wish I could explain it better, but I don't really remember the details other than having an overwhelming sense of awe at the whole structure.

When we get in, we're told that they are "playing Buffy" and we are welcome to join if we want. I was pretty excited, so I said, "Sure." and was handed a samurai sword just as an overweight black woman stepped into the clearing. She had on a 'vamp' face just like the vampires from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I think she may have had a weapon in her hand as well (some kind of short dagger).
She rushed me and I unsheathed the sword and began swinging it wildly in an attempt to defend myself.
Everyone else seemed to have vanished from the room, or were off on the sidelines watching.
At some point during the fight, I managed to slice the woman's arm, causing a large amount of blood to spray out and for her to scream in pain. As she was clutching her arm, I tackled her. When she was down on the ground, I jabbed the sword through her midsection, effectively pinning her to the floor. The entire time she was screaming at me, telling me how she was going to kill me when she got up and how I was in for a world of hurt.

Even more disturbing, was that I just left her there. Jason called me (and everyone else) over so he could show off this... I don't know WHAT it was (although, again, I did at the time of the dream). It was some sort of folding sword weapon that when completely opened, looked like a Klingon weapon of some sort, but when you contracted the blades, fit nicely into the palm of your hand, and resembled a Swiss Army Knife.

There was a big long section of the dream where Steph and I talkd with Giulianna, but I don't remember any of hte details of that, sadly. We were talking about rewilding and unschooling and civilization in general, and I'm sure in real life it would've been very interesting (it was in the dream) but I just wish I could remember what was said.

As our discussion was finishing up, Miranda was there in the kitchen, offering to serve up ice cream. There was something about me speaking like Yoda and how the vanilla ice cream would help cure that. (Dreams are weird) and the girls were really excited to have dessert.

After that, we all walked outside and talked about the approaching construction. As we were walking, a bat flew overhead. It glided down toward us and landed on Saren's outstretched arm. Jason and Giulianna announced that Saren was [some term they used that I don't remember] and said that that meant that she was a very special person. Saren asked if we could keep the bat. We told her that it should live outside, and we'd come back so she coudl see it often, and as she let it go, I woke up.

I know that overall, the dream was just an amalgamation of events from the past few days, but it was still pretty cool. It's always odd to dream about Internet Weirdos that you've never really met in person. I mean, where is my brain getting information on how the Anthropik Tribe actually speak or live? (I'm sure that the house they really live in is nowhere near as elaborate as the one I dreamt about, but I can totally imagine them speaking in the way that they did in the dream.) And why? Does it have any deeper meaning, or was it just a bunch of thoughts that my brain strung together in an attempt to make a story? Who knows?


Meghan said...

You can seriously remember all of that?? I'm in awe.

And... I think you need to look into your personal prejudices against fat African Americans vampires.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that's an awesome dream. I strongly believe that eating ice cream cures pretty much anything... or at least, I choose to believe it. :-P

It's funny, because if we were to invite you over for dinner, you'd be very disappointed after that dream! We live in a very small one-bedroom apartment in very cold Pittsburgh, nowhere near the desert or anyone who speaks Spanish. Although our best friend is a fat African-American vampire...