Friday, December 02, 2005

This is post #950.

Fifty to go in the next thirty days. No problem!

Looking around the internet today, saw some weird stories. Apparently, some ex-caretakers of Koko (yes, Koko the gorilla. The one that knows some sign language) suied the Gorilla Foundation for being fired.

Why were they fired?

Well, according to their suit, they were asked to show their breasts to Koko in an attemptr to bond with him because, supposedly, Koko has a "nipple fetish". When the women refused, they were fired.

The foundation denies the allegations, but the suit has been settled out of court.

Koko was not available for comment.

Also in the news, Mother Nature must not have received the memo about hurricane season ending. Tropical Storm Epsilon (I like that name! Epsilon! It sounds like a super hero. Or something you would see as a "word" verification code.) has escalated into Hurricane Epsilon. Two days after the hurricane season officially ended.

And, apparently we (or, rather, the United States) has executed the 1,000th person under the death penalty since it was reinstated in 1977. No word was given in the article making mention of whether any prizes were awarded for having reached the "milestone".

Oh yeah. Today is the 2nd of December, so let us continue the story of the 1st xmas, shall we? We shall:

"The angel said, 'You shall bear a son and call Him Jesus.'"

Oh, Angel, you and your silly prophecies. Always telling people how their lives are going to play out. And while this particular prophecy is a good one - Yay! Childbirth! - it's interesting that he doesn't tell her the entire story: "Then, in about three decades time, your son will be publicly executed. But in another two thousand years after that, people will use his birth as an excuse to purchase merchandise from Sears. Merry Christmas!!"

Man, they should totally make that into a tv series.

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CosmicAvatar said...

Koko was not available for comment.

I'm sorry, but I find this sentence highly amusing...