Friday, December 30, 2005


Alternative title 1: Slam Boq
Alternative title 2: The 2nd longest freaking post in the world.

In Junior High I discovered Slam Books. A slam book for those of you who do not know is a notebook which... well, let's see what wikipedia says about it:

Traditionally a notebook passed from student to student in which questions are written and answered anonymously. Questions often focus on such issues as which girl is most popular, who is a dog, and which teacher is the worst dressed. Named "slam book" because when a teacher would come near, the book would be slammed shut and covered with homework, papers, or other appropriate camouflage. Most popular during junior high school, slam books are capable of devastating public humiliation and also liberating bloodletting.

These days slam books are being replaced by the internet which has essentially become a huge slam book for children and adults alike.

Exactly! Although I always thought the name "slam books" was because you could (and were encouraged to) "slam" or "dis" people you didn't like in them. [shrug] Anyway, I was going to say that they were the precursor of boqs. And they totally were.
Anyway. In Junior High I first discovered the slam books. Our version had you sign in under a number on the first page, and then you would answer the questions on each page as that number. (Which, I guess, takes away the, you know what I mean.)  But, yeah.
The first slam books were, as the wikipedia article mentions, dedicated to junior high crap - who do you think is cute, what teacher do you hate, blah blah blah - but then I decided to make some of my own. And they were, essentially, the same as my boqs from my online days, only, you know, on paper.


I continued the slam book tradition long past junior high, and was creating them even during my senior year of high school. (High school = productive!)
That year, I created four (at least) slam books. Most have been lost to the ages (sadly), but I still have the 600 pager. Yes. 600 pages. It's a big black three ring binder with lots of paper in it. It was dubbed "SLAM BOOK 0: The Ultimate Slam Book" (although the zero had a diagonal line through it, to indicate that it was a zero, and because that looks cool).

The questions from this one were actually originally composed from the first three slam books I had made that year, along with some new questions. As I stated in the 'prologue':

"In the year 2260BC, the Ninnoth, a superior race from the M'Naegth System, came to the conclusion that humans have too much spare time. It is because of this spare time that we have wars, violence, insanity, poverty and death. TO prevent such boredom (and thus, all of mankind's problems), the Ninnoth created the ideal time consumer, the Book of Eternal Questions. The Book was originally sent to earth in one piece. Throughout the years, however, it became 3 separate books.

It has been told that those that complete all of the books and the original manuscript (1, 2, and 3 combined plus over 100 new questions) are among the few that shall share in the infinite knowledge of the Ninnoth... when the time comes.

If you think you've got what it takes, turn the page."

Every seventy pages or so, I put in a divider, which were labeled as "Free Pages" - they didn't have any questions on them, and you could doodle or leave an obscure message or just skip over it completely.
The fun was in replying to the other people's responses, and how that would sometimes grow and change and become really funny. (You'd have to see the book to get a good understanding of it.)

So. I'm now going to actually post the questions.
Because I am insane.

A lot of these questions have been asked before online. And I'm sure a lot of them will be very dated and/or irrelavent, but if you want to answer them (in your own blog, because there's no way the comment system will handle it), just cut and paste.

Hey, maybe this will become one of those 'memes' that the kids seem to love. Or not.

Here we go:

<b>Are you ready?</b>
<b>If you had 3 wishes, what would they be? No wishing for more wishes.</b>
<b>What would you do with a time machine?</b>
<b>Do you think we'll ever achieve world peace?</b>
<b>Yo man, ya got da juice?</b>
<b>Imagine winning the $25 million lottery. How'd you spend the cash?</b>
<b>Same day you get the $, aliens land on earth and tell you that in two days, the planet will be gone. Now how'd ya spend the money?</b>
<b>Who wants Trident?</b>
<b>What do you think of Cin-a-burst gum?</b>
<b>WHY GOD, WHY?</b>
<b>Are you awake?</b>
<b>Where's Waldo?</b>
<b>Are you afraid?</b>
<b>Sweet dreams are made of these. Who am I to disagree?</b>
<b>must i?</b>
<b>Is that correct?</b>
<b>If people had no lips, could they still kiss?</b>
<b>Do you believe in God?</b>
<b>What religion are you?</b>
<b>What do you pray for?</b>
<b>If you were the last person left on earth, what would you do?</b>
<b>What does M&M stand for?</b>
<b>If a word wasn't spelled correctly in the dictionary, how would we know?</b>
<b>What was Berlin like during the war?</b>
<b>If you could turn invisible at will, what would you do?</b>
<b>Why ask why?</b>
<b>Why not?</b>
<b>Best couples</b>
<b>Worst couples</b>
<b>Favorite school subject</b>
<b>Subject you hate the most</b>
<b>Favorite T.V. Show(s)</b>
<b>Worst T.V. Show(s)</b>
<b>When is your birthday?</b>
<b>Where were you born? When?</b>
<b>What's your phone number?</b>
<b>Social Security Number?</b>
<b>Blood type?</b>
<b>Eye color?</b>
<b>Hair color?</b>
<b>Sexually preference?</b>
<b>What's your sign?</b>


<b>Come here often?</b>
<b>Favorite Ice Cream flavor</b>
<b>Favorite Pizza Topping</b>
<b>Are you happy?</b>
<b>Are we there yet?</b>
<b>Do you talk to yourself?</b>
<b>Are you really alive?</b>
<b>What is real?</b>
<b>How many Skittles combinations are there?</b>
<b>What confuses you?</b>
<b>Favorite teacher</b>
<b>Teacher you hate the most</b>
<b>Oh say can you see?</b>
<b>By the dawn's early light?</b>
<b>Distilled water?</b>
<b>Favorite color(s)</b>
<b>What kind of store is Smitty's?</b>
<b>Whatever happened to Ollie North?</b>
<b>Whatever happened to Ken Ober?</b>
<b>Whatever happened to ________?</b>
<b>How much do you weigh?</b>
<b>Who's the Boss?</b?
<b>Why is suicide against the law?</b>
<b>Who killed Mr. Boddy? Where? With what? Why?</b>
<b>Casual Sex?</b>
<b>He's a Terminator like you?</b>
<b>Who sent you?</b>
<b>We aren't gonna make it, are we?</b>
<b>Why do you cry?</b>
<b>What is today?</b>
<b>...and just how long have you had this problem?</b>
<b>Now what?!</b>
<b>Would you like to know what day you're going to die?</b>
<b>$150 for one hour?!?</b>
<b>Are those Bugle Boys you're wearing?</b>
<b>Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?</b>
<b>Can you save me?</b>
<b>Can you sting me?</b>
<b>Whatcha got buried in your backyard?</b>
<b>What's the deal with Metallica?</b>
<b>What's this?</b>
<b>Binky, what the fuck?</b>
<b>Pretty cool, huh?</b>
<b>What's the melting point of lead?</b>
<b>Have you driven a Ford lately?</b>
<b>What kind of car do you want?</b>
<b>Can you see what I'm saying?</b>
<b>Aren't you supposed to be at work?</b>
<b>Where'd you lose it? When? With who?</b>
<b>What are you doing?</b>
<b>What does the world need now?</b>
<b>Should I stay or should I go?</b>
<b>Are you wanting inspiration?</b>
<b>How ya doin'?</b>
<b>What (and/or who) really matters to you?</b>


<b>How do you plea?</b>
<b>Story Page1: When I woke, I was sore all over. I couldn't remember last night at all. I had no idea where I was or how I'd gotten there. I tried to look at my watch and noticed I was chained to a wall wearing only my underwear.</b>
<b>Would you rather be rich or famous?</b>
<b>On a scale of 1 to 10?</b>
<b>Penny for your thoughts</b>
<b>thank you page</b>
<b>Paper or plastic?</b>
<b>Are you with us or against us?</b>
<b>Top or bottom?</b>
<b>Up or down?</b>
<b>True or false?</b>
<b>Truth or dare?</b>
<b>Favorite movie?</b>
<b>Worst movie?</b>
<b>Most recent movie you've seen?</b>
<b>Wanna go to the movies?</b>
<b>What if...?</b>
<b>Who hears your voice?</b>
<b>What's the difference between life and death?</b>
<b>What's the difference between pleasure and pain?</b>
<b>What do you do when something dies?</b>
<b>Is anything perfect?</b>
<b>Who is (are) the strangest person (people) you know?</b>
<b>If you could be in a dark room (with a bed) and 1 other person, who'd it be?</b>
<b>If you could be in a dark room (with a gun) and 1 other person, who'd it be?</b>
<b>How do ya get the blood off?</b>
<b>Do you want to die?</b>
<b>What do you want to be when you grow up?</b>
<b>They're gonna put me in jail?</b>
<b>had any dreams lately (strange or otherwise)?</b>
<b>Why can't they leave us alone?</b>
<b>Which is the better of the two, Coke or Pepsi?</b>
<b>If I come on like a dream, will you let me show you what I mean?</b>
<b>What life?</b>
<b>What's your favorite radio station?</b>
<b>What's your excuse this time?</b>
<b>You wanna know why?</b>
<b>Where would you rather live?</b>
<b>You're not supposed to question faith, but how do you accept this fate?</b>
<b>Fav. actor(s)?</b>
<b>Fav. actress(es)?</b>
<b>Are you lonesome tonight?</b>
<b>Who deserves to die?</b>
<b>Since when are you God?</b>
<b>Fav. song(s)</b>
<b>Worst song(s)</b>
<b>Fav. band or singer(s)</b>
<b>Worst band/singer(s)</b>
<b>Werewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?</b>
<b>Why, what evil hath ye done?</b>
<b>And David said unto him, "To whom belongest thou?"</b>
<b>And whence thou?</b>
<b>I say then, hath God cast away His people?</b>
<b>Why did the chicken cross the road?</b>
<b>What do you fear the most?</b>
<b>How old do you want to be when you die?</b>
<b>Everyone in the world is going to die tomorrow except for you, and your choice of 14 other people. Who do you choose?</b>
<b>Funniest joke?</b>
<b>Lamest joke?</b>
<b>Do you believe in magic?</b>
<b>Are you hungry?</b>


<b>You could pay more, but why?</b>
<b>What's life like on Planet Reebok?</b>
<b>Doesn't it feel great to pay less?</b>
<b>What's your shoe size?</b>
<b>Has anyone noticed a recurring shoe motif?</b>
<b>What is rhynchocephalian?</b>
<b>What is rupicolous?</b>
<b>What do you want for Christmas?</b>
<b>What type of animal would make an awesome pet?</b>
<b>"Is Flagg gone? Really gone?"</b>
<b>Do you think people ever learn anything?</b>
<b>Do you remember....?</b>
<b>Fav. candy bar</b>
<b>What's the matter, Jack?</b>
<b>The bodies will go to Oxford first, won't they?</b>
<b>Who gives a shit?</b>
<b>Has there been trouble here?</b>
<b>My Lord?</b>
<b>Did he pop out of a damn sparrow's egg?</b>
<b>Liz and the babies?</b>
<b>His <i>mother</i>?</b>
<b>What happens if there are others like her?</b>
<b>He must have put out poison bait, huh, Frank?</b>
<b>Anything useful?</b>
<b>Who/what annoys you the most</b>
<b>What is the meaning of life?</b>
<b>Plans after High School?</b>
<b>Turn ons:</b>
<b>How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?</b>
<b>You have the chance to have anything. Only catch is you lose memory of all your friends forever. Do ya do it?</b>
<b>Who or what do you want to come back as?</b>
<b>You can invite 10 famous individuals to dinner. Who?</b>
<b>In a fight to the death, who'd win, the Energizer Bunny or the Snuggle Bear?</b>
<b>What can I do ya for?</b>
<b>What's in that bag of yours?</b>
<b>Isn't life delicious?</b>
<b>How many bricks are in the Great Wall of China?</b>
<b>What'd you have in mind for your next move?</b>
<b>Is the dark side stronger?</b>
<b>Our destruction?</b>
<b>Where did it all go wrong?</b>
<b>I have two words for you.</b>
<b>Where have all the PENGUINS gone?</b>
<b>Are you a FISH or a PENGUIN?</b>
<b>Might I remind you, sir, the probability of successfully navigating through an asteroid field is approximately 365,000 to one...?</b>
<b>how did the mystery hole come to be?</b>
<b>Need a hint?</b>
<b>Can I have the keys to the car?</b>
<b>Did I ever tell you you're my hero?</b>
<b>Will I see you tonight... on the downtown train?</b>
<b>What is your pulse?</b>
<b>Pepsi. It's not a multiple choice question.</b>
<b>Aren't you glad you use Dial?</b>
<b>What else?</b>
<b>Who else?</b>
<b>Where else?</b>
<b>When else?</b>
<b>Why else?</b>
<b>How else?</b>


<b>Would it help if I got out and pushed?</b>
<b>How much ya gonna risk?</b>
<b>You didn't smash the car, did you?</b>
<b>Why do we scream at each other?</b>
<b>Was she safe?</b>
<b>Why did you not, even after you had fallen the first or the second or the third or the fourth or the hundreth time, repent of you evil ways and turn to God who only waited for your repentance to absolve you of your sins?</b>
<b>What happened to his legs?</b>
<b>Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?</b>
<b>Spider-Man, where are ya comin' from, Spider-Man?</b>
<b>What's he doin' with that thing?</b>
<b>What type of deodorant do transsexuals use?</b>
<b>sleep you?</b>
<b>Where is the G-spot?</b>
<b>Where is the Lambda point?</b>
<b>Can't get your ship out?</b>
<b>Are they defined by region, social class, age, sex, setting, occasion, medium?</b>
<b>Why me?</b>
<b>Guess what</b>
<b>Guess when</b>
<b>Guess where</b>
<b>Guess why</b>
<b>Guess who</b>
<b>Guess how</b>
<b>But the question always is, acceptance by whom?</b>
<b>What is it that we are counting?</b>
<b>Would you like fries with that?</b>
<b>Who's Harry Crumb?</b>
<b>Do you love me question mark</b>
<b>Why don't you shut up, Pat?</b>
<b>Do you admit it?</b>
<b>But suppose they grab us and drag us into the bedroom?</b>
<b>Fav. commercial</b>
<b>commercial you hate most?</b>
<b>Anyone else you may know that was left out...</b>
<b>Best book you've read</b>
<b>Who made who?</b>
<b>Do you prefer blondes?</b>
<b>If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be and where?</b>
<b>Who is evil, who is blind?</b>
<b>Would you give your life for a cause? What cause?</b>
<b>When did this act become reality?</b>
<b>Who are you?</b>
<b>What are you?</b>
<b>Where are you?</b>
<b>When are you?</b>
<b>Why are you?</b>


<b>Do you watch cartoons?</b>
<b>Do you sleep all day?</b>
<b>What's your birthstone?</b>
<b>Can you take me high enough?</b>
<b>Can you fly me over to yesterday?</b>
<b>Damn, baby, what'd you do to ya hair?</b>
<b>Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?</b>
<b>Who's Johnny?</b>
<b>R U Ready 4 A New Sensation?</b>
<b>Why can't the night go on forever?</b>
<b>Who's that girl?</b>
<b>Word page.</b>
<b>Opinion page</b>
<b>Lucky number(s)</b>
<b>What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?</b>
<b>What's the most intelligent thing you've ever done?</b>
<b>Who are your best friends?</b>
<b>What are some of your goals in life?</b>
<b>how many lies do you tell a day?</b>
<b>What would be the worst way to die?</b>
<b>If you had to live on one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?</b>
<b>OK, Mickey's a mouse, Donald's a duck, and Pluto's a dog. What's Goofy?</b>
<b>Have you seen Elvis?</b>
<b>Do you believe we put a man on the moon?</b>
<b>If school was optional, would you still go?</b>
<b>? page</b>
<b>What's your IQ?</b>
<b>Your favorite saying?</b>
<b>Who will you run to?</b>
<b>Where now, old timer, padding along the gates?</b>
<b>Do I have one?</b>
<b>Can I have a bite?</b>
<b>Is your mama a pajama?</b>
<b>Quot caper?</b>
<b>Can we go out in the hall?</b>
<b>Where have you been?</b>
<b>Won't ya fill up the tank? Let's go for a ride...</b>
<b>Will I be on the streets tomorrow?</b>
<b>Will I have to beg and borrow?</b>
<b>Will I have to go back to the job I left behind?</b>
<b>Could you still make it with a guy who never made it?</b>
<b>Would you look into my eyes if I were to go blind?</b>
<b>Will you leave me for another?</b>
<b>Will I have the time to tell you how I really feel?</b>
<b>Am I just getting slower or are you just getting faster?</b>
<b>Do we need a bad disaster?</b>
<b>Marry him or marry me?</b>
<b>I'm the one that loves you baby, can't ya see?</b>
<b>Why don't you take me for a little while?</b>
<b>Bad boys, bad boys, watchya gonna do, watchya gonna do when they come for you?</b>
<b>Why you always wanna bring me down?</b>
<b>Bite me?</b>
<b>What are you wondering about?</b>
<b>Something break?</b>
<b>Can diseases hear?</b>
<b>Can you take a joke?</b>
<b>Tired of the meat market?</b>
<b>Do you like reggae?</b>
<b>But cui bono?</b>
<b>You're not even close!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!</b>
<b>Has Threepio turned up yet?</b>
<b>Word page</b>


<b>Song lyric page</b>
<b>poetry page</b>
<b>is your gunner alright?</b>
<b>what'd you say?</b>
<b>How's Luke?</b>
<b>What <i>really</i> happened?</b>
<b>story page 2: Her body lay in a bloody puddle. I dropped the gun, having completed my job. I turned to go home and stopped cold when I heard...</b>
<b>Are you tired?</b>
<b>old problem?</b>
<b>what's new?</b>
<b>Why didn't you just say so?</b>
<b>Guess where I'm calling from, Thad?</b>
<b>How many hours of sleep did you get last night?</b>
<b>What's the most expensive thing in the world?</b>
<b>What's the cheapest?</b>
<b>I'm a bad guy?</b>
<b>How'd he get the hole in his shoe?</b>
<b>Fuck you page</b>
<b>Will you knock it off?!</b>
<b>What's so funny?</b>
<b>You have 24 hours to live. What do you do?</b>
<b>What do you tell your friends?</b>
<b>How does the other side die?</b>
<b>OK, we're back</b>
<b>What does that have to do with the moon?</b>
<b>discrimation in death?</b>
<b>do you have anything to say for yourself?</b>
<b>Is that Freedom Rock, man?</b>
<b>Is anybody out there?</b>
<b>Can I play with madness?</b>
<b>Have you seen me lately?</b>
<b>Why am I here?</b>
<b>And for how long?</b>
<b>When you wake up, do you stare into the eyes of a stranger?</b>
<b>What's on your mind?</b>
<b>do you like it?</b>
<b>who's watchin' you?</b>
<b>who's lovin' you?</b>
<b>Do Ya?!</b>
<b>Can you feel it, see it, hear it today?</b>
<b>What is it?</b>
<b>What about love?</b>
<b>If I tell you what I'm doin' today, will you shut up and get outta my way?</b>
<b>What time is it?</b>
<b>No, really.</b>
<b>STOP! STOP! STOP! Which one of these words don't you understand?</b>
<b>Do you love?</b>
<b>Are you going to heaven?</b>
<b>or are you halfway to hell?</b>
<b>is there such a thing as too much?</b>
<b>Most disturbing thing you've thought, seen, heard, done?</b>
<b>Are you a killer?</b>


<b>Which came first - the chicken or the egg?</b>
<b>(Assuming you are buried) What do you want on your tombstone?</b>
<b>Feel like what?</b>
<b>I am wondering - why are you here?</b>
<b>How you get so big eating food of this kind?</b>
<b>How far away is Yoda? Is he close?</b>
<b>What do your Rice Krispies say to you?</b>
<b>Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?</b>
<b>Are we having fun yet?</b>
<b>Autograph page</b>
<b>Will he finish what he begins?</b>
<b>Do you care?</b>
<b>Oh Superman, where are you now?</b>
<b>Who or what were you in previous lives?</b>
<b>What Hits?!</b>
<b>OK, last time. This is your brain. This is drugs. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?</b>
<b>What are your desires?</b>
<b>What happens to the wide-eyed observer when the window between reality and unreality breaks and the glass begins to fly?</b>
<b>Are balloon animals art?</b>
<b>Who do you love?</b>
<b>Is it getting better?</b>
<b>Who do you hate?</b>
<b>If you vote Republican, does that make you an accomplice to their crimes?</b>
<b>Do amoebas feel love?</b>
<b>If animals have no souls, where will Rover spend eternity?</b>
<b>What do you want?</b>
<b>What do you need?</b>
<b>How can God sleep when people are starving?</b>
<b>Is your hand sore?</b>
<b>How much $ do you have on you?</b>
<b>Is today's music as lame as it sounds?</b>
<b>What's something you'd like to change about yourself?</b>
<b>What's something you'd like to change about your friends?</b>
<b>Is man basically good or evil?</b>
<b>Car 54, where are you?</b>
<b>Do your teeth dance?</b>
<b>story page 3: "Don't worry, the drugs'll wear off in about 3 minutes, and you'll be able to move again." He laughed as he crawled back into the time machine. I lay on the ground, helpless and watched the machine disappear back to the present...</b>
<b>How do you talk to an angel?</b>
<b>Have at thee! Why are thou so forth unbecoming to thine own undisturbed nonsensical mischief?</b>
<b>How does that one song go?</b>
<b>What'd ya get?</b>
<b>Why do you feel?</b>
<b>How quick is your wit?</b>
<b>vas  A  e tf s h a, legru?</b>
<b>ills dh nightioe. f ""u?</b>
<b>May I please have 10 or 15 minutes of your time?</b>
<b>Do you agree or disagree that excultration is inhibited by deprivation?</b>
<b>How long does it take you to complete your paper route?</b>
<b>You got the Ruiz thing fixed?</b>
<b>How's my driving?</b>
<b>Well, Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming?</b>
<b>May I see the wine?</b>
<b>Doc, are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?</b>
<b>If after the manner of men I have fought with beasts at Ephesus, what advantageth it me, if the dead rise not?</b>
<b>Do you know about VI-CAP?</b>
<b>What's the meaning of this?</b>
<b>What profit did they expect from it?</b>
<b>Would you care to elaborate?</b>
<b>Most memorable moment in your life?</b>
<b>What's the biggest flaw people (as a whole) have?</b>
<b>Is this my blood dried upon my face?</b>


<b>This is long, isn't it?</b>
<b>Who is John Galt?</b>
<b>What % of total production of the top ten did lime account for?</b>
<b>At what price will total revenue be the greatest?</b>
<b>OK, where'd we lose you?</b>
<b>List the reasons you're an asshole</b>
<b>Why is the room spinning?</b>
<b>Proof God exists:</b>
<b>Proof God doesn't exist:</b>
<b>Hobbie, are you still with me?</b>
<b>What is thy bidding, my Master?</b>
<b>Who pissed in your Cheerios?</b>
<b>Are you O.K.?</b>
<b>if you died today, what would you regret the most?</b>
<b>What's your definition of dirty, baby?</b>
<b>What do you consider pornography?</b>
<b>Can you hear it calling?</b>
<b>What about Mary?</b>
<b>What do you see when you turn out the lights?</b>
<b>What's on TV?</b>
<b>What did her daddy do?</b>
<b>Have you found what you're looking for?</b>
<b>Do you <i>know</i> what you're looking for?</b>
<b>Who's gonna ride your wild horses?</b>
<b>Yes or no?</b>
<b>Do you sing in the shower?</b>
<b>What is something you wouldn't do no matter how much $ somebody paid you?</b>
<b>Do bugs have souls?</b>
<b>Do you believe in aliens?</b>
<b>Do you believe in ghosts?</b>
<b>Do you believe in Bigfoot?</b>
<b>Name one of the 10 commandments</b>
<b>Ladies - what qualities do you look for in Mr. Right?</b>
<b>Guys - what qualities do you look for in Mrs. Right?</b>
<b>What was I going to ask?</b>
<b>Whose line is it, anyway?</b>
<b>The school is going to blow up. You have time to save yourself and 5 others. Name them.</b>
<b>What is something you could not live without?</b>
<b>Who is someone you could not live without?</b>
<b>last story page: I had time to think, "What the hell?" before...</b>
<b>What'll pop up next?</b>
<b>Who killed Pee-Wee Herman?</b>
<b>Who framed Roger Rabbit?</b>
<b>What's the word I'm looking for?</b>
<b>What's up with that?</b>
<b>Best day of your life?</b>
<b>Worst day of your life?</b>
<b>If a movie about your life was made, what would be the title and what rating would it get?</b>
<b>Describe <i>the</i> Utopian society</b>
<b>Who do you admire most?</b>
<b>Ya down wit' O.P.P.?</b>
<b>Do you smoke, drink, do drugs, or gamble?</b>
<b>If you ever got arrested, who'd you call w/ your free call?</b>
<b>Fav. video</b>
<b>Video you hate the most?</b>
<b>What'd you have for breakfast today?</b>
<b>Things that make you go hmmmm....</b>


<b>Make your last will & testament</b>
<b>Does anybody really know what time it is?</b>
<b>Does anybody really care?</b>
<b>When ya comin' home, son?</b>
<b>How long?</b>
<b>The Emperor?</b>
<b>Where do we go now?</b>
<b>Ain't that a shame?</b>
<b>What's there to worry about?</b>
<b>You know where you are?</b>
<b>do you fly by night?</b>
<b>You don't remember?</b>
<b>What did you do that for?</b>
<b>how many?</b>
<b>What's it taste like?</b>
<b>Can we get on with this already?</b>
<b>What do you want from me?</b>
<b>how does it work?</b>
<b>What was that?</b>
<b>How do you want to be remembered?</b>
<b>Can't we all just get along?</b>
<b>How do you put holes in your jeans?</b>
<b>Saved by the Bell vs. 90210</b>
<b>Who would hear you scream?</b>
<b>Who's fault is it?</b>
<b>What's wrong with this picture?</b>
<b>Who's crying now?</b>
<b>Who'll be the lonely one?</b>
<b>What can I say?</b>
<b>Who wrote the book of love?</b>
<b>Where's the party?</b>
<b>Isn't that special?</b>
<b>What are these walking blues all about?</b>
<b>What's that you're wearing?</b>
<b>Eighty-five cents for a can of soda?!?</b>
<b>Ever been to Wooster, Ohio?</b>
<b>How's the weather?</b>
<b>How many words?</b>
<b>Wanna play Monopoly?</b>
<b>What was #12?</b>
<b>Can I help you?</b>
<b>Can't ya read the signs?</b>
<b>What else can go wrong?</b>
<b>Do you understand these rights?</b>
<b>How does he do that?</b>
<b>Don't quit now!!!</b>
<b>What'd ya go 'n' do to get into another one of these here rock and roll songs?</b>
<b>How could you want him when you know you could have me?</b>
<b>Do you accept the charges?</b>
<b>Do you want a new drug?</b>
<b>Who sailed through the sea and rivers?</b>
<b>You did say that you had the book, didn't you?</b>
<b>What was the question?</b>
<b>And when did you wake up?</b>
<b>Brain, Brain, where's Uncle Gadget?</b>


<b>What's the situation?</b>
<b>Can I have a dollar?</b>
<b>You expected something better?</b>
<b>Is there anything that hasn't been asked?</b>
<b>You just finished the biggest slam book EVER! What are you going to do now?</b>
<b>That was fun. Can we do it again?</b>
<b>P.S. Page</b>
<b>You did it! You're done! How long did it take you?</b>

Whew! That took way too long. Tomorrow (or maybe tonight) I answer it! Mwahahaha!


Anonymous said...

We call this Chismografo in Mexico-...the literal translation would be like gossyp book...and it is a children thing!

Amy said...

You know dude, you could probably create a crazy cult religion. And it would probably do pretty well.

Then you could go crazy on your own private yatch.